Finally we made it. The land just above our country, Taiwan. This trip is among those biglaang ayaan moments. Right in the midst of our project closing. We have ample time to check awesome deals for cheap flights. ­čśé Taiwan is among the fascinating destination aside from it is visa free until July 2019, it […]

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Once More, Indochina Adventure

I was a little hesitant when I was invited to join a trip again to Indochina because I’ve been there last year. Even so I still booked a ticket because I wanted to maximize the experience. Weeks before our departure date, I’m still having doubts whether I’ll join or not, until we paid for our […]

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Oh MY Malaysia Experience!

After having an out of the country last year, there’s a part of me that desire to reach more places, but due to priorities of adult life I have to hold myself and instead try as much as possible to save. I’m kind of hopeless actually, and then an opportunity came that allowed me to […]

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The Rizal Hexalogy Climb

When I was invited┬áto hike 6 mountains in 1 day, I’m a little skeptical. I’m aware of my limits. I remember when I hiked last December, my knees hurt. ­čśŽ ┬áStill, I joined. Since it will be a great start of the year climb for me. ­čÖé Of course I didn’t just go there empty […]

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Trained at Tibig

LOBO, Batangas – Part of our application with Green Mountain Tribe is our participation on Training Climb. Prior to our climb, we’re divided into two groups, Group 1 – Avs*,┬áMabel,┬áMartin,┬áJulius,┬áJoms,┬áKelvin Group 2 – Donna*,┬áKim,┬áMimi,┬áReynald,┬áMafe,┬áLester and April *Group Leader These groups are for the food assignments and group activities during the actual climb. I guess GMT […]

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Night in Isla Verde

So we had a quick escape from metro’s traffic last weekend when we visited Isla Verde in Batangas. Its not a fancy place but you’ll see that it has a great potential once developed. My friend Lory was able to find it in a blog so sharing it also to promote the place. Going there […]

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