I go! UGO! We Go!

Finally after months of waiting I was able to hike before new year. I couldn’t help it but felt relief to see the rocky and muddy trail with the pine trees everywhere and a bonus of cool breeze typical on Benguet Mountains. The mountain I’m talking about is the Mt. Ugo. Hiking is my way […]

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Surprisingly Amuyao!

Surprise! That’s how this trip started while we’re waiting to be boarded on Ohayami Bus bound to Banaue. Reason? Because our dear friends Lory and EJ made us thought they will not join this hike only to show up on the day. I’m also with the Team Harkor: Jeff, Kyle, Joem, Mike and Kent. This […]

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Camping Comeback

The moment I was invited by my friend Lory for an overnight somewhere far from Metro Manila. I immediately said yes. The usual, we opened a Messenger Group Chat to finalize the plan. I wasn’t able to participate much with the planning because of my work schedule. But I have nothing to worry because they […]

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Trained at Tibig

LOBO, Batangas – Part of our application with Green Mountain Tribe is our participation on Training Climb. Prior to our climb, we’re divided into two groups, Group 1 – Avs*,┬áMabel,┬áMartin,┬áJulius,┬áJoms,┬áKelvin Group 2 – Donna*,┬áKim,┬áMimi,┬áReynald,┬áMafe,┬áLester and April *Group Leader These groups are for the food assignments and group activities during the actual climb. I guess GMT […]

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Traversing Mt. Ulap

Mountains truly are unpredictable. There are some cases┬áwherein you feel that it was an easy trek then suddenly as you go along the trail you’ll notice its getting harder and harder. That’s how I feel while traversing Mt. Ulap in Itogon Benguet. Travel time from Manila to Benguet is approximately 5-7hours. When we arrived at […]

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