Work in Progress

I’m always skinny my whole life. I think it’s in our genes or something. I struggled to gain weight even though I eat a lot. My definition of fit before is someone who’s got that 6-pack abs. I always felt so envious when I see someone who has that physique. I never considered myself fit […]

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One Fine Morning

I opened my eyes early this morning came from a very exhausting yesterday. I reached for my phone to check the time. I still have spare time. I quickly browse my Social Networks. I laughed at a Panda making crazy stunts. I’m amazed by the updates of the people as they share a glimpse of […]

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7 Tips to be an Effective Third Wheel

There are 7.4 Billion people in this world and yet not a single person linked to you romantically. No Facebook relationship status change. No late night texts and early morning calls. No Holding Hands While Walking (HHWW). Itโ€™s quite frustrating sometimes. Questioning yourself whether youโ€™re ugly, unfriendly or simply unlovable. Yet surrounded by a lot […]

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Hey Friends!

I’ve seenย some of my friends sharing their articles at Thought Catalog website. I tried my luck and I submitted mine 3 weeks back. Thought they ignored me. Until I received this. Yey!!! They noticed me!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyway, you can find my article here. Read and Share. ^_^

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Note to Self

This is 2017. An ordinary day after celebrationย is over. Back to the usual routine. Counting time again for the next holiday season. I guess this is the cycle of life. “Work to live”. Live in order to pay bills, eat, invest, save, travel and for the people around you. I have experienced a lot of […]

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I’m so busy this week that I almost forgot to blog about what happened last weekend. Asย I shared previously I’m an active volunteer for Bukas Pulad thru Bukas Palad Online Community Choir (BPOCC). Last Sunday was Bukas Palad’s Christmas Concert at Church of Gesu inside Ateneo De Manila University. What made it special is that […]

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My Kind of Weekend

What a way end my first week of November. Last Saturday I attended an event spearheaded by the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines entitled, Himig Paglalakbay: Mga Awit at Kwento ng Paglilingkod Kusang-Loob featuring the Bukas Palad Music Ministry and Hangad Music Ministry. It’s like a tribute show for the JVP volunteers as they shared their experiences […]

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