The Chef Arch’s Lime-light

Chef Arch’s Lime is the attempt of Chef Archie Juanta to make our all-time favorite Filipino Street Food classy, or “StreetFood Na Pinasosyal” as they dubbed it. Situated in San Rafael St., Mandaluyong City this transformed ancestral house of Chef Arch will provide a cozy place to have fun while enjoying the amazing transformation of Filipino Street Foods.
Among the dishes that we’ve tried are:
Chicharon Bulaklak and Isaw Pizza – P290 – Health-wise, chicharon bulaklak and isaw combined isn’t a good combo. But this is a great idea of putting them as toppings in a Pizza. You’ll love this. Crunchy chicharon and isaw on top are good pizza toppings.
Osso Bucco Kare-kare – P280 – Love the tenderness of the beef. This beef with coconut is a good choice at Lime’s


Indian Nachos – P180 – I find this a little dry but if you’re fond of Indian flavors, this is good!
Street Style Barbeque Platter – P250 – This is a haven of all the common Pinoy Barbeque favorites such as isaw, betamax, addidas, barbeque and others. This is a perfect for sharing pulutan for the barkada.
Creamy Tuyo Pasta – P250 – The emerging tuyo looks promising in this dish. But it provides the exact saltiness it needs in this creamy pasta.
Quail Egg Tempura – P150 – Tempura butter for Kwek-kwek for a change? Why not. Still the Kwek-kwek you love with new looks.
Embotido Stuffed Crispy Pata – P450 – Amazing fusion again of the favorite crispy pata with stuffed embotido.
Pork Kebab – P250 – Another good for sharing dish at Lime’s. Perfect pulutan it is.
Lime Barbeque Pork Belly Skewers – P220 – I love the barbeque flavor version of Chef Arch. This skewers are good sharing and perfect pulutan too.
Balut with Red Wine Sauce – P220 – Here’s another cool creation at Lime’s, your favorite balut recreated the red wine sauce adds a special taste.
Thrice Cooked Lechon Bagnet – P400 – crispy and tender, if you’re fond of bagnet here’s another version of bagnet to watch out.
Four Cheese Kaldereta – P320 – tender beef plus made cheesy is what you’ll love and look forward to this food. Include this as well to your orders as well.
Pan Fried John Dory with Longganiza and Salted Egg Salsa – P275 – fish and longganiza salsa pairing is quite okay. Not really a fan of Longganiza, but it happens to be among your favorites this is worth a try.
Overall, our Chef Arch’s Lime experience has been remarkable. We totally enjoyed how they revisited our very own Filipino Street Food deliciously creative. For sure, you and your friends will enjoy this place.
Thank you @chefarchslime for the amazing dishes. We really love it! Looking forward to dine with you soon.
Thank you SaanSaPH Family thru @takaw_tikim and @francisg_official for the invitation. Shout to my Lime mates, @alwaysthefunnygirl, @sandundermyfeet, @iamdexpapa, @shaynevalerienaa@kainventures, @pauoie and @james_benguet can’t wait to our next foodscapades. 😍

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