Batangas Quick Summer Fix

Summer is the perfect time to bond with family. This year, we decided to check what Laiya Ibabao, San Juan Batangas has to offer. We scheduled it in time with the long weekend, the Holy Week. Thankfully we didn’t encounter the rush hour as we arrived in Batangas hours before our check in time. 🙂 Read along the rest of this blog post to check out our stay.
We stayed at Estrellas De Mendoza Resort. My sister stayed here last year, so we tried it as well. And I can say that the resort hotel is good. All the services you need is there. We availed their Buffet for Lunch and Dinner. We also got free Breakfast buffet the next day. Price wise, I think it’s reasonable since you got a nice room to stay. Though, better if you rent Cabanas instead of hotel rooms since it’s near the pool area. And Cabanas are more like exclusive to your family. They don’t allow foods to be brought inside their hotel rooms though. But if you’re lucky you can sneak in some but please try to be discreet. Bathroom in our assigned hotel room have working bidet and hot and cold shower. We got a room good for 3pax, but looks spacious and can accommodate 4pax. But they don’t have television signal. And No Globe Telecom signal too! Not their problem I just need to share. 🙂 As it is peak season, we had to wait for at least the exact time of our check in time before we can use the room. Since it took them a while to cleanup from previous guest. But we’re there an hour before. Not excited, but since there’s a disclaimer they might give the room to someone else, that’s why we went there early.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffets are okay. Though we liked what’s served in dinner better in taste. Lunch is at Comida Restaurant, Breakfast is at 7th Flr of the hotel, while dinner was at the beach. They offer open mic to those who want to serenade the crowd. I was too shy though to try and too focused to eat as well. As it’s is  buffet, there’s a time limit of 3 to 4hrs I guess. But we made sure we got there on time. Overall, the foods served are fine. And there’s replenishment of the food in case there’s a lot of guest to eat. Price wise, it’s P350/pax, quite cheap and good deal since that’s the only place you can eat within the area.
The Beach and The Swimming Pool
Beach is kind of okay but not as par with the other beach like Bolinao, Pagudpod, etc. Though it offers a very wide coastline which is safer for kids. But there’s much to improve specially cleanliness as some tourist still throw trashes in the sea which is kinda’ sad. 😞 At the time of our visit, it’s low tide, so the actual sea is far and it looks like the area was artificially done. Nonetheless, as Batangas is near Metro Manila it still is a perfect getaway if you want some fresh air and witness a sea/sun horizon. Good thing, at Estrellas, there’s a provisioned pool for kids and adults. They also offer other water activities if you’re up for it.


We rented a private van from #TeamAce #DenzkiVanRentals. Our travel time took less than 6 hours. We didn’t encounter that much traffic since we left our house early. Driving is smooth as always. Also checks the needs of every passenger from time to time.
Batangas is still our family’s top choice in case we want some quick getaway outside Metro Manila. Far from smoke belching cars, city lights. Just pure night sky with the sound of ocean breeze is enough for that  well deserved vacation break. Estrellas De Mendoza, can be one of those place you can enjoy that. 🙂

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