Quick Escape at Azumi Boutique Hotel

In today’s fast paced world, most of us yuppies are looking for that quick escape where we can just unwind. It can be out of town such as going to the beach, hiking or wherever it is as long as outside your usual home or office. To me, staycation at a hotel spending time with friends or family. I’ve seen lots of hotels near Metro. And one hotel caught my attention since it’s been the hangout place of my favorite bloggers such as Lharby Policarpio, Deegee Razon, Then Chua and Kerwin King. The hotel is called, Azumi Boutique Hotel. It’s main attraction is the saltwater infinity lap pool overlooking the Filinvest Skyline. Aside from that it has a minimalist feel that you’ll enjoy much. Location wise, its very much accessible. One bus ride from Novaliches to South Station, then Bus going to Magdrigal. This time, I’m with my friends Jam and Agon. I met them when I joined Singles Encounter, and the rest is history! 🙂

The hotel booking was made probably a month ago, and we didn’t expect that we’ll push through. Since we’ve been so silent on our group chat and there’s no definite plan. But you know the saying is true when they say that the unplanned is the one that will happen. And here we are checked in at Azumi Hotel. So what to do? To be honest there’s none! 😂🙌 apart from taking a quick dip at the pool which by the way is open till 2AM. First thing we did upon check in, is to decide what to eat. We’re supposed to take delivery from a fast food, but what’s good with Azumi’s location is it is near Molino. It’s like a complex where there’s multiple establishment. So we did our groceries for the foods that we’ll eat for the night. Yes we’re budgetarians. 😎💯 Our room has microwave and refrigerator so we’re good. It has sink and plates too. So you can definitely bring foods inside. Room wise, it is clean to honest.👌☺

After securing our food, we went to the infinity pool. It’s cool because it offers 360 view of the City ❤, although there’s one huge building in front blocking the view. 🤣😂🙌 so your best option is the two corners of the laptop pool. The first side is the City Lights, while the other side is overlooking a mountain range. Don’t expect much with this pool, your best bet is your photographer to get that awesome shot! hahaha but yes, it is still great because it’s so cool to swim 🏊‍♂️ overlooking the City Lights.😍
After that, we went back to our room, to eat dinner. And perform the 8-steps Korean Skin Care. 😂 Played Uno Cards which I’m the loser. 😭 Watched movies, and just literally stayed in the hotel room. It’s a night full of stories, laughter and fun. Our quick escape to our day to day job. There’s a lot more that happened. But what matters most are the times we shared which we enjoyed while staying at Azumi. Just weird though that we have to request for Hairdryer, but it’s fine. Hotel Service wise, they’re fast. So in case you’re looking for a place to stay while in Metro Manila, might as well choose Azumi as Hotel of your choice, specially if you’re exploring the South side of Manila. Can’t wait to go back! 🙂

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