Work in Progress

I’m always skinny my whole life. I think it’s in our genes or something. I struggled to gain weight even though I eat a lot. My definition of fit before is someone who’s got that 6-pack abs. I always felt so envious when I see someone who has that physique. I never considered myself fit or simply healthy. From time to time I still had my asthma attack specially if there’s a sudden weather change. Though I haven’t been hospitalized for a long time. My life’s motto is Sleep. Eat. Work. Repeat. I don’t complain though because I’m grateful to every blessings I received. My dose of active lifestyle is when I attend some yearly Fun Run organized by my employer. But I always regret after because I can’t walk. Sometimes, I joined a company organized Badminton Session, right after I feel my whole body hurts again. My turning point to formally start my fitness journey is when my friend introduced me into hiking. The experience of that first hike is very rewarding such as the spectacular view and fun times with friends. However the aftermath is catastrophic. I felt body pains everywhere. But that didn’t stop me. Instead, I joined more climbs without preparations. Then suffer the consequence later.
I decided to enroll on Gold’s Gym and started my training. In order to be more fit to a hobby that I wanted to do. I had 3 free personal sessions on my first month of membership. From time to time I asked for Personal Training Session for guidance if I’m doing the right thing. After each PT session, I just do whatever I can lift or if ever I can figure out how to use a particular equipment. No direction just pure lifting. I had my workout on Gold’s Gym Branch: North Edsa, Ayala and Eton. There are times, I’m doing some home exercise videos like the Insanity Workout which really gave my body that sweat I was looking for. I’m fine with that. At least I have exercised my body.
I diligently go to gym until I met the group of Miss Hilary Isaac at Gold’s Gym BGC, which happened to be the existing Miss Gold’s Gym Ambassador. Their Braf-therhood is amazing. You’ll get intimidated at first but they’re willing to help in case you need guidance with your form. I found myself looking up to them because I see not only friendship but a family sharing the common passion in life, getting Fit. So I approached Miss Hilary one day and asked about her Personal Training Session. We discussed by email the payment terms as well the workout program. In short, I became her slave, I mean student, for 2 months. 🙂
Our personal training session is a mix of strength and functional training. After each session I feel my body is tired but to my surprise. I can still go on the next day for another round. Our Training session is thrice a week for 2 months. The remaining two days of my workout week is allotted for exercise that I like to do. If I do have spare cash, I would love to be trained by her until I get the goal that I wanted, but since I have to spend the money to other stuff I chose not to renew my PT sessions. At least after 2 months of coaching I learned that being fit is something you can’t achieve overnight. I’m more concerned on my form rather than number of reps. I’m cautious as well on increasing weights to avoid injury. I don’t have a strict diet but I make sure I eat the food to get the nutrition I need. I’m more of a water person now and seldom drink sodas. Of course I still go to gym before work as it’s my way of releasing stress. My revised life motto now is Sleep. Eat. EXERCISE. Work. Repeat.
I’m still a work in progress. But my fitness level I believe has changed compared when I was just starting. At least I can do the things I want, Hiking. I still have body pains after each hike but what’s cool is I can recover quickly. You might have seen my struggle on my recent major hike. But I’m proud that I was able to finish it successfully. If ever you want Gym Buddy, I’m looking for one but I’m not that beast mode yet. 😀
A BIG THANK YOU Miss Hilary Isaac for being part of my fitness journey. All the best for you. Whenever I do workouts on my own, I always here you on my mind, saying: “Mind-Muscle connection” or “Slow on the negative”. God bless you always Hil! See you around. 🙂
If you’re interested to have a Personal Training Session with Hilary Isaac, you may contact her by email posted on her Instagram Account: @hilaryisaac or you can visit her  at Website: .

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