Surprisingly Amuyao!

Surprise! That’s how this trip started while we’re waiting to be boarded on Ohayami Bus bound to Banaue. Reason? Because our dear friends Lory and EJ made us thought they will not join this hike only to show up on the day. I’m also with the Team Harkor: Jeff, Kyle, Joem, Mike and Kent. This is also my first time to ride a bus going to Mountain Province. Anyway, the bus ride is smooth. I thought it’s going to be rough. But I didn’t felt any dizziness even if it’s a zigzag road. The travel time took more than 10 hours because of Friday traffic. I didn’t noticed it though because I tried my best to catch some sleep. Almost breakfast time when we arrived at the last bus terminal. We then transferred to a monster jeep going to the jump off station for another round of Mt. Amuyao experience. Like before we ate our breakfast at Hidden Valley Restaurant and bought packed lunch as well. This hike is also our group’s first time to be a joiner of an organized climb with more than 20 participants. Since we usually do DIYs. Anyway, for this reason we started our hike very late.

Cambulo Chill – The first part of Day 1 of the itinerary is a quick trek to Cambulo. To reach the area you need to pass the Rice Terraces of Batad. Compared to our visit last year, the embankment this time is spacious and sturdy because its cemented. Though, at the start we’ve had some hiccups because we walk at the lowest point of the terraces. So we struggled to go up. We continued our trek to a rolling hills until we reached the Basketball Court at an Elementary School in Cambulo where we had our lunch. We rested quite long because, we’re waiting for the sweeper to arrived. Good thing we had this break that much because, it’s another 9 hours of straight climbing to the Patyay Village.

Patyay Struggle – I mentioned earlier I’ve been here before, so my thinking is that my body is well prepared for this. Also, a week before, I exercised my body as preparation for battle. I also ate bananas, diligently took my vitamins and hydrate myself with lots of water. Those preparations were useless during this climb. At the start I’m fine. I can cope up to the pace of the lead pack. As we continue walking my body started to feel tired. Our struggle made worse when the rain started pouring. This is quite challenging because there are embankment trails but its not cemented. So you had to balance on each stone patches to get past the terraces. We found ourselves all of a sudden, on water falls like trail when we’re on the forested steep part of the trail. As the night gets darker, I felt so much pressure to a point that I want to give up. Good thing some members of the group are there to support me: Sir Jhunie, Sir Yuri, Mam Isay and Mam Wilma. They allowed me to pace the team in order to know when we’ll stop or not. They accompany me through my agony. I kind of hate myself that time because I felt like I’m the burden of the group. But I know I need to push forward and stop whining. At some point when I can’t move my legs at all they offered to take 5 minutes rest before moving again. Because of them I was able to reach Patyay Village safe and sound. Though totally exhausted and wasted. I can’t describe how the trail looks like because its dark. All I can say is after climbing all the way up, you had to go down in one steep slope then go at the irrigation of the rice terraces in order to reach Patyay. I almost slide my way down because my knees can’t hold my weight anymore. I can’t imagine my happiness when I heard the barking of the dogs which signals that we’re almost there. When I saw the houses I felt so much relief because finally I can rest. I wasn’t able to attend socials. I immediately fell asleep when I tuck myself into my sleeping bag right after dinner.


Summit At Last! –  I woke up the next day by the cold breeze of mountain air. As I went outside the bunkhouse, I was greeted by the relaxing view of the Patyay Rice Terraces. I tried to dry some of my clothes while waiting for the start of another climb. I was hoping that I’m okay today. I’m kind of afraid to start the climb actually because I know I’m not fully recovered yet. Since I woke up early, I had my session on the restroom for you know what. Arranged my bag and placed the used clothes underneath. While waiting, I tried to take a video and photos as well. After breakfast, I had a quick shower and tried for Round 2 of you know what session but failed. Anyway, we had our group photo op after everyone is ready. I started with a bang that day. I felt like I’m recovered though my body felt sore. Prior, I prepared another shot of Berocca Drink as my energizer. There’s no Rice terraces trail on this part of the climb as we’re in the middle of the mountain I suppose. But expect it to be so challenging because of unending assaults. Our initial plan is to take our lunch at the Waiting Shed near the summit. The trail is a mossy forest so its quite cold. Along with gradual rolling hills and assault. I didn’t take much photo while walking because I’m so focused on the condition of my knees. And I placed my phone on my backpack. Besides all I want is to reach the summit before night fall. We rearranged ourselves actually at this time. Me, Lory, EJ, settled in front of the mid pack. While Kent, Kylle Mike, Jeff and Joe are trailing behind. As we get near the Waiting Shed, Darlene and I went ahead because some of the lead pack preferred to have lunch before it. We kept on trying to speed up when we see the assault part because that’s how we remembered it. But it took a couple of assaults before we finally reached it. I thought we’re the first to be there but Wilmer and Randy is already there chilling. They might be there long before us. I finished my lunch quite fast. We had a short chit chat with the group while waiting to regroup. Since I want to have more stock of water, I get one at the last water source. Lory asked for a refill of their bottle as well which I happily did. I was shocked when I was going down the water source because its so technical. There’s one tree trunk there that you had to cross just to get to the other side. I didn’t bother looking down because it’s scary. I kind of cursed Lory when I got back because of what I’ve been through. They laughed at me when I get back because I had mud on my arms as I hugged the tree so tight to avoid falling. When the whole group is okay, we started our way up again. This time, we’re expecting see an open area of grassland. Again so many assaults just to reach there. I was able to take a quick snap of the my short walk to summit. Then to my relief, we did it again I’m on top of Mt. Amuyao again. However, the rain started pouring right away. So what we did is to immediately setup our tent. Good thing its easy to reach and the rain didn’t go in one blow. We were able to setup ours right away. So we offered to Jeff, Joem and Kylle to stay with us while waiting for the rain to stop. It did stop for a bit, so Joem and Jeff was able to setup their tent. While Kylle went back to their tent as well to rest for a bit. All of a sudden I heard Lory is screaming for a better version of Golden Hour. I wanted to go out but I’m freezing so I decided to stay inside. We took a quick nap while waiting for dinner to be served. After an hour or two, I heard Sir Juumar shouting that dinner is served. But I still feel cold at that time, I tried to wake up Kent but he doesn’t want to eat either. Anyway, what I did is opened my canned tuna, and have it for dinner instead because I’m quite hungry. Then I attempted to sleep again. I didn’t go out anymore because I heard the air is gushing outside. After light dinner I decided to sleep so that I have energy for tomorrow’s descend.

Barlig Giggle – I woke up quite early the next day. Finally we’re down to last day of this trip. What better way to start the day is to witness the magnificent view of sunrise Ala-Amuyao. Yes its majestic! All our hardships on our last 2 days climbing up this mountain was rewarded. I felt so calm while I’m seeing the sun slowly rising from the horizons. Like all my worries were removed all of a sudden. We took several photos with the picturesque view before we start to break camp and waited for breakfast to be served. All of us participants are busy taking pictures at the summit. We really had our time with Amuyao because only our group ascended it that time. Our group volunteered to go down first while the rest of the sweep team are still prepping up. Meanwhile, I’m conditioning my mind because I know it will be hard because of steep descend. And I’m not wrong at all. Along the way I struggled again because my knees are still tired from the long walk for the last 2 days. There’s one part where you had to go down a slope tilting at almost 90 degrees. Good thing there’s a steel ladder setup so its not that hard. The trail is a never ending steps of tree trunk ladder. Lory, EJ, Kent and I continued our way down until we reached the rice terraces of the Barlig Village. Just when you thought you officially ended the hike, you’re wrong again. The last challenge will be to climb the stairs to reach the wash area of Barlig. A very exhausting finale indeed. We rewarded ourselves right after with a well deserved session at the rest room and a delicious lunch.

After this very challenging experience I realized not every hike is the same. You meet new people and extraordinary trails. But at the end of the day you have this amazing feeling that you finally made it. That’s how I thought when I visited Mt. Amuyao.

Thank you so much to the Team Harkor: Kent, Kylle, Jeff, Mike and Joem. Especially to Kent for inviting me to join them and Joem for you know what. Its fun to be with the Team Harkor and Team Triggered see you on trails again!

Thank you Team LorWin: Lory and EJ for surprising us. Cheers to more adventures!

Thank you very much Sir Jhunie, Sir Yuri, Mam Wilma and Mam Isay. I’ll be forever grateful to your kindness and patience for staying with me in times of need. See you again on trails. Next time hopefully I will not be a burden.

Thank you to Mam Darlene and Rey for guiding me on trails.

Thank you Mam Abegail and Sir Juuno for organizing this climb.

To the rest of Team Amuyao: Sirs: Wilmer, Randy, Zcet, Deric, Jomar, Popo, Robin and Mam Rio. Thank you and Congratulations to us!

Tour Fee: Approx. P3400 inclusive of Meals, Bag Tag, Jeep Transfer,  Bunkhouse rental in Patyay, Transportation

Here’s the quick summary of our climb. Enjoy. 😁

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