Quick Escape

The past week was rough that’s why when I got invited to accompany my friend, Sherealyn to organize a hiking event, I immediately said okay. I can say this is one of the hikes that I’m least prepared. The night before I struggled to find my hiking essentials because the last time I did this was February. Anyway, I just searched for my trekking pants, long socks, knee compression, inhaler, extra clothes, toiletries, raincoat and waterproof bag, food storage and headlight. I just place my clothes on a black bag for waterproofing and then that’s it. I reminded myself to buy lunch later at the meetup point. I didn’t sleep that night because I’m afraid to be late. So I just finished some work I left. Played Mobile Legends to kill time before started preparing. I’m used to be a joiner that’s why I’m kind of afraid of the responsibility to carry your clients safe and sound. I made it early to the meetup point because I’m living near Cubao. I bought a Chicken at MiniStop as well as 2L of Water. I wanted to wait ourside Jollibee but later decided to come inside. I ordered some Spaghetti and Cheeseburger for breakfast. Diluted one tablet of Berroca and waited. I realized I dozed off a little that I still haven’t finished my meal. Maybe because a friend of mine is in the hospital that I might not be able to join this hike. Luckily my lead still allowed me so I go on. I tried to finish everything I bought because I don’t like having leftovers. Bought some burger and coffee for another friend Kat and met She and other hikers Allan and Danica. We waited for Kat to arrive before going to the van. There I met three other hikers, who’s still a student, Sherwin, Jonas and Gido, as well as our van driver Atong. She, lead a short prayer before heading off. I managed to get a quick nap despite a very bumpy ride going to Mt. Maculot. Our tour guide contact is Sir Jay-r Cuevas.

We reached the jump-off around 5:45 AM. And met Sir Jay-r for some hiking reminders. Keep quiet, don’t vandalize, and leave everything in the mountain alone except your trash. Before going I lead a short prayer before starting the trek. We’re supposed to get to know each other first, but we forgot that part and started rightaway. We introduced ourselves while walking. 🙂 The first part of the hike to Mt. Maculot is the stairs where a 14 Station of the Cross was setup. It’s quite a number of small plight of stairs. Until we reached the forested part of the mountain where you’ve to exert some effort to move yourself up the boulders of rock. It’s quite foggy while ascending the summit and continued to be that way with no rain. We reached the summit in no time. Just 2.5 hours from the jump-off. There’s no clearing when we arrived just plain white because of the fog. But still as fulfilling as ever. Since we haven’t had our breakfast yet, we decided to eat our packed lunch. 

We finished our meal fast. Probably because we have a lot of energy at this early hour. We decided to continue our trek to campsite after some minutes of rest and in order to buy some water. Most of the food stalls on the way to the Grotto to Summit are closed. So our next option is the food stall at the campsite. We reached it in less than an hour probably because it’s a descent. We rested again for a bit before heading to the Rockies. The main part of the Maculot where a breathtaking view is offered.


From the campsite, it’s only less than 30 minutes to reach the Rockies which is huge rock compact rock facing the magnificent view of Taal Lake. I don’t know the actualities but I see it as a huge boulder of rock. It looks stable. 🙂 I enjoyed my time here appreciating the surroundings. How some of the trees remain uncut which I’m thankful for. How the people enjoyed every corner of the Rockies just to get that picture worthy to be shared. How we’re grateful that we experience the beauty of nature. We’re also lucky that there’s a clearing on which we saw glimpse of Taal Lake beauty.

It’s actually my third time here in Mt. Maculot, and my mother mountain too. I used it as baseline on how far I have improved. Anyway, our new found friends looks like they enjoyed their time. With most of them conquered their fear of heights just to get that amazing shot at the far end of the Rockies. I saw the same excitement as I had on my time on that side of the mountain. When we’re all satisfied with the best picture we had, our group decided to descend. Here’s the fun part how we struggled to go down on a loose soil rock. Its extra challenging for me because I’m not wearing a shoes meant for that trail. There are times that I had to stop for a moment and walk slowly. At some point I tried to duck walk because I don’t like to slide since it can damage the trail. I noticed some Mt. Ulap like pain on my knees but I still managed it. We were able to reach the wash area just in time for our lunch/merienda. Of course I make sure to freshen up first before I satisfy my Lomi cravings.

So there, I want to thank She for organizing this climb for us. Thanks for the experience. For the first time I was a sweeper of the group. I really had a good time. Though I’m quite exhausted.

Of course to our new found friends who accepted our call to help our batchmate. Danica, Allan, Gido, Sherwin and Jonas. I hope you enjoyed Maculot and looking forward to meet you again soon.


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