One Fine Morning

I opened my eyes early this morning came from a very exhausting yesterday. I reached for my phone to check the time. I still have spare time. I quickly browse my Social Networks. I laughed at a Panda making crazy stunts. I’m amazed by the updates of the people as they share a glimpse of their life in Instagram Stories. I realized I spent 15 minutes of my time Instagramming so I decided to get up prepare my things. I don’t like to be late to my gym appointment anyway. A very hot day indeed, I just took a shower couple of minutes back and I’m sweating quite a bit. Someone in the house is making rants again. Makes me sick every time but I have to go on. Put on some dri fit clothes and bid good bye to the people in the house. I hope everything goes well today. I feel so uneasy. I started walking, saw a father guiding his son while playing monkey bar on a make shift tent. Walked passed the busy crew of a refrigerator maintenance shop as they hurriedly pack their equipment in the truck. I stopped for a moment to check whether the small cafeteria is open, I almost left but the owner happily offered what I usually buy, a hard boiled egg. I reached the van terminal going to the train station. I paid for the fare. I observe people I shared a ride with. Hoping they won’t see me as a threat. We look sleepy but fighting our way for the day. There’s a small traffic build up but we reached the train station fast. No long line queues today as I enter the train premises. I tapped my beep card to get to the platform area. Just in time the train is loading passenger. I didn’t wait for the next train so I hurriedly pushed myself inside. Still not that crowded compared to night rush hour. My legs are getting tired standing for 20 minutes now. There’s an empty seat from alighting passengers but offered it to a lady standing beside me. Yes chivalry isn’t dead. Or I just like standing today. There are days that I’m fighting for my right to sit. I looked at the window as the train passed by the traffic build up in the north bound side of EDSA. Finally, to my relief there’s an empty sit and no lady is standing beside me so I can take the empty space without hesitation. The train’s aircon is working fine today or maybe less commuter. People around are in their neutral pace. Checking gadgets. Chatting with their companion. Doing make-up in a moving train? Yes that’s possible. I looked around and saw a lady from afar but I can’t offer my seat. Finally it’s my train stop, so I got up. I took stairs because there’s more people who prefer escalators. For the longer stairs I used escalators too. But I walked on the left side. Here’s me again in line again to my next transit going to BGC, the bus. I was able to get in the bus but I’m standing and struggling to keep my balance. After 20 minutes I reached my bus stop. I’m conditioning my mind that I’ll nail my workout today. Before battling again with Database related concerns of our client. 

That’s how my day to day routine works. Oftentimes I complain how hard life is. When I encounter a heavy Traffic; When I queued for an hour just to pay bills; When I’m too stressed to go home because of someone’s unthinkable attitude;  When I’m having a hard time at work because of a crisis call. I feel bad that I ever thought I’m having a hard time. Just seen on Facebook and other news portal that today, leftist group wreaked havoc to the quiet City of Marawi. Occupied hospital, burned houses, created chaos. 😦 I don’t understand them why are they making such mess. I #PrayforMarawi that their people will be safe from harm. I pray to our Government Officials and soldiers to respond correctly on this crisis. I pray for lasting peace in Mindanao. I hope that we can be united as a nation to support the efforts of the government to eradicate them. I long for the day that the leftist group will choose just to be an ordinary citizen. I can’t offer much but a sincere prayer to my kababayans. I hope it can be contained soon so that our fellow citizens of Marawi the rest of Mindanao will once again live their usual life. That we could have one fine morning to enjoy. 

Stay Strong! 


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