7 Tips to be an Effective Third Wheel

There are 7.4 Billion people in this world and yet not a single person linked to you romantically. No Facebook relationship status change. No late night texts and early morning calls. No Holding Hands While Walking (HHWW). It’s quite frustrating sometimes. Questioning yourself whether you’re ugly, unfriendly or simply unlovable. Yet surrounded by a lot of good friends and you know for yourself you’ve exceptional character, people oriented, kindhearted, and most beautiful person in the world. But the sad reality is you are still single. What made it worse is that when your close friends started to become lovers while you ended up forever alone. And then the old fun hangouts you had with them will slowly turn into third wheeling. For us single people, being a third wheel will made you cringe sometimes especially when they started to be sweet with each other. It is acceptable to watch those moments on movies but annoys you if you see it firsthand. Anyway, let’s not get too bitter with our friends. Instead be happy for them now that they’re out of singlehood. I know being a third wheel is hard, so here are my seven practical tips on how to be an effective third wheel.


  1. Love the surroundings. When you hang out with your lovebirds’ friend, make sure that the place offers many interactions. Shopping malls, nature tripping or even bar hopping. Just make sure to choose a place where you can keep yourself busy. Don’t just focus on those love birds. Instead take time to appreciate the surroundings.


  1. Take photos. Thankfully, selfie is in today, otherwise it can be an indicator that you don’t have a companion during your trips while in fact you’re third wheeling. Willingly offer your help to take photo of those lovers in return oblige them to take your own photo too. Give and take bro.


  1. Open up. Most of the idle moments on third wheeling you probably just stare at them doing unnecessary tickles. So to avoid that, be ready with your endless out of this world topic. Don’t allow them to be intimate with each other. Keep them busy by opening a topic that may prolong conversation. Anyway they can continue with their intimate moments when they’re on their own.


  1. Love your phone. It’s your only friend and companion when the lovers get out of hand. So make sure to charge your phone and bring your power bank, have enough data for internet surfing and download apps to keep you busy. You’ll definitely use it well.


  1. Be invisible. Sometimes the lovers are already at ease and don’t mind to do their thing even if your around. When that moment comes, you must learn the art of being invisible. Like you don’t even exist at all. If you’re in that situation, just close your eyes and then focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale when you open your eyes it’s done. Or simply shift your sight on other things and just keep quiet.


  1. Stay fit. It takes a lot of courage and a healthy heart to grasp the fact that you’re third wheeling. So hit that gym and stay fit. Be brave to face your next hangout with them. Next thing you know you’ll look like matinee idol wannabe.


  1. Be happily hopeful. Thank goodness you went home safe and survived another trip with the lovers. Thanks to them you’ve accomplished another bucketlist. Keep on fulfilling that list. And look forward that one day you might meet the one on your next trip.


You see, being a third wheel isn’t bad after all. So don’t waste that years of friendship you had just because they found their special someone. Treasure your friends. There’s happiness in every situation. Let’s look forward for our day to come that we’ll be happily and contently in love. It may not be today but in the near future. But for now, let’s just enjoy third wheeling. 🙂


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