A Day in Kwebang Lampas

Kind of late but will still share it anyway. After weeks of planning, we finally made it happen, our first ever out of town with some of my Viva  Renewal Prayer Group (VRPG) Singles Encounter batch mates. Since we’re all working we decided our out of town to be scheduled on weekend. Our destination? The Kwebang Lagpas in Pagbilao Quezon. We met at Jac Liner Terminal in Kamias around 10pm (*most came in late due to Friday Rush hour*) and rode a bus going to Lucena Grand Terminal. We left Manila with light rain showers. We reached the Lucena Grand Terminal in approximately 3 hours. Quite fast because of light traffic that time. Next stop would be to go to Pagbilao, initially our plan is to commute by riding jeep and tricycle in order to get there. Thankfully, someone approached us to take a jeep straight to Pagbilao. He’s Kuya Vice (0947197 9220). He also offers a tour to Calaguas from Quezon. We contacted him for our transfers going to and out of Pagbilao. We’re also accompanied by other tourist as well who’s also going to Kwebang Lampas. We also had a stopover to buy food and water. After two hours of road travel, we reached a gate going to the Kwebang Lampas. It looks like a private property. Anyway, after the gate there’s a rough road before reaching the actual beach. We’re quite early when we arrived. The Registration Office opens around 6AM. After settling the required fees, we hop on the boat for a 3minute ride. 😀 It turns out, there’s a stagnant water separating the beach entrance to where the tourism office is. Anyway, upon reaching the beach entrance, there are people who offered a boat ride to the main beach but we prefer a short walk to the mini-forest to get there. After some 15minutes of walking we reached the actual beach. We find the right cottage and enjoyed the beach front view. The beach front for me is like the Gota Village in Camarines Sur. There’s an island hopping being offered by the boatman but since we’re not interested we don’t bother ask for details. Instead, we enjoyed our stay by looking at the rock formations and the mini cave which is connected to the beach entrance.
The place is beautiful but just to set the expectation here are some of my travel notes for your reference.
Charges Everywhere. The moment you step in from the Registration Office up the main beach prepare your wallet for series of fees on the island.
Sample Expenses:
Boat Ride (from Entrance to the Main Beach and vice versa) – 25
Entrance fee – 80 , if overnight – 160
Pitch Tent – 200
Rent and Pitch Tent – 500
Cottage – 700
Water Jug for washing and cooking – 50
Cook Rice – 70 per kilo
Toilet fees.
Island Hopping – ranging from 1600-2000
Other expenses:
Jac Liner Bus from Kamias to Lucena Grand Terminal – 218
Jeep from Lucena Grand Terminal to Pagbilao – 130 with joiner/150 without joiners
Food – 500
Safe budget will be 1500 for all your island expenses excluding food.
To boat or not. There are two boats being offered in the area. One is from the Registration Office going to the Beach Entrance. The next one is from beach entrance to main beach. From tourism to beach entrance, your required to take a boat since there’s no other way I think just to cross that stagnant water. On the other hand, from beach entrance to the main beach you have the option to ride a boat or not. Most of the tourist I saw decided not to take that boat because its just a short trek. If I remember it right you’ll have to pay 150 for that short trip.
Accommodation. As I mentioned there are fees just by pitching tents or renting cottage. They also offered closed cottages though not sure of the rates. The cottages have their own provisioned grille make sure to bring your own charcoal. They also have trash bins in front of the cottages too. 👍 I’ve seen other brought their own stove. Regarding the cottage location, if you select the front side cottage, you can enjoy the beach front view. Just be prepared for the unexpected rain and bring your own covers. Unlike us we’re not prepared so we were soaked by rainshowers. 🙂
Tourist.  The place is perfect for family get together because there’s no restriction to whatever foods you bring. Between 6am to 10am, there’s a few number of tourist but by the time it reached around 12noon several visitors came in. Not sure about the maximum number of allowed visitor but expect to have a lot of tourist like you specially on weekend.
Activities. Aside from the island hopping there’s not much activity to do but to just stare into the vast sea view. The sands are quite fine so you can enjoy just lying in there or ask your friend to bury you with sands. The sea itself I can say is rich because I heard some of my friends saw fishes which are quite aggressive btw because they were bitten. Also while we’re walking into the caves, we saw a snake skin which kinda freak us out a bit. You can also enjoy a short walk to the caves. But you’ll get disappointed because some people vandalized cave walls.
Shout out to Team Lakwatsa.
Agon – Thanks for taking time researching this place and for obliging us to continue this trip. Enjoyed a lot. 😀
JM and Virgie – Thanks for shopping our foods. Kudos to JM for transporting our box load of food via MRT. This trip made extra special because of the food you prepared for us.
Johanna and Brian – Thanks for the kwento. Special mention to Brian who we dubbed as The Starter for opening snacks without consuming all of it. 😀
Jay – Thanks for the blanket and other things you offered while on board the bus. Enjoyed your concert though it interrupts my sleep. 😀
Team Lakwatsa till our next travel. 🙂

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