Hapunang Banoi – Round 2

Not so long ago, I visited Rizal mountains as we successfully finished the Hexa Series; We went to Mts. Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi, Pamitinan, Ayaas, Sipit Ulang and Oro in one day. It’s like a badge of honor for me. Considering that I’m not that fit. Anyway, in Hexa Series you have to strictly follow the itinerary to achieve your goal that means less time spent in enjoying the mountain view and of course the photo ops. With that, I told myself to revisit when I find time. Then weekend came, I was asked by a friend that he wants a comeback hike. So I accompany him to this “chill climb”, the Hapunang Banoi.

After setting up our course to Mt. Pamitinan, thanks to Waze by the way, we reached Wawa in less than 2hours. There are two registration areas, the DENR office or the Barangay Office. We registered at DENR office then registered again at the Barangay Office.

In summary here’s is our climb expense:

DENR Fee: 50

Barangay Office Donation: 20

Guide Fee: 500

The guide assigned to us is Ate Althea Francisco (Contact Number: 09128758616), she told us she’s still new to being a tour guide. In fact she’s still on training and waiting for the release of her Tour Guide ID. I also learned from her that the guide fee is solely for the guide. Since the P50 fee is allotted for the Barangay/DENR. At least the community have a stable source of income thanks to local tourism. 🙂

Anyway we started our trek around 5:30AM, reached the junction around 6:30AM. By 7:30 we’re taking pictures on the peaks. During the trail I realized its not a chill climb as I expected. Continuous assault where you have to exert effort in stepping to huge rocks. Not to mention the sharp limestone rocks along the way. But a rewarding view awaits on the summit. It offers a picturesque view of the Rizal Mountain Range. Its very windy during the time of ascend. So the sun’s heat is not very exhausting. We decided to go down after taking pictures around climbing on every available rock formations on the summit. We reached the jumpoff around 10AM. While back in QC around 1PM.

No wonder Rizal attracts hikers because it’s near Metro Manila with less than 3 hours travel time, its also easy to commute with available vans at Farmers Plaza Cubao; Organized registration and fixed guide fees; Available parking space; and of course a friendly community.

To Japet – Congrats on your comeback hike. More chill climbs for you this year! 🙂


To Ate Althea – Thanks for guiding us on the trail. Looking forward to seeing you. ^_^


Climb with me! ^_^


Enjoy this very dramatic view of sunrise. ^_^





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