The Rizal Hexalogy Climb

When I was invited to hike 6 mountains in 1 day, I’m a little skeptical. I’m aware of my limits. I remember when I hiked last December, my knees hurt. 😦  Still, I joined. Since it will be a great start of the year climb for me. 🙂 Of course I didn’t just go there empty handed. Weeks before, I spent my time on gym doing workouts focused mostly on my legs and core. Plus I run 10K and 5K on separate days as part of my preparation.

Disclaimer: Don’t expect much, I don’t look fit but skinny. 😛

Our meet up point is at Cubao Farmers Market. The Wawa Registration Office opens at 4:30AM, so we depart from Cubao around 3am. The travel time is quite fast we made it to Wawa around 4am.

I thought we’re just 5 in a group to attempt the Hexalogy hike but it turns out we’re 9 in total. Thankfully, there are stalls available that sells cheap gloves. It is very useful for this hike because that’s what Rizal mountains is known for, The Rocks. We started walking on the way to Mt. Binacayan around 5am.

Mt. Binacayan (424+ MASL) – It’s still dark on our way up so we have our headlights on. It took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the summit. The only hard part of the trail is the rocky assault that requires you to use both hands and feet to climb from one limestone to another. The view is spectacular as it offered us a very nice view of Wawa. Plus we’re lucky to witness a sea of clouds. 🙂


Mt. Hapunang Banoi (517+ MASL) – The sun is already up when we started walking to Hapunang Banoi. It has the same trail characteristics as the Pamitinan and Binacayan since those mountains are conjoined. Rocks and bamboos make up the trails of Hapunang Banoi. Expect series of non-stop ascend where you’ll encounter rock boulders. As the second highest among the 6 peaks we’re about the visit, it’s one of the mountains we stayed quite long. With approximately more 4hrs of trek time. After taking some wonderful shot on the summit we immediately go back to ascend Pamitinan next. 🙂


Mt. Pamitinan (426+ MASL) – Due to time constraint, we didn’t spend much time for picture taking on this mountain. The trail is again similar to the first two mountains. The gloves I bought was clearly put into good use because you have to hold on tight on every  rocks. I don’t want to imagine myself falling. I’ve been here before so I’m quite familiar with the trail. Initially, our plan to is to have our lunch at Ayaas but since we spend a lot of time at Hapunang Banoi we decided to have our lunch at the junction. After a groufie on the summit we rested for a while and ate our lunch. We stayed on this mountain for more than 3hours.


Our tourguide for the Wawa Mountains are Kuya Arnel and Rene. They really are a great tour guide which made the first half of this hexa climb fun and exciting. Before proceeding to the next mountain Kuya Arnel introduced us to Kuya Louie, a guide from Mascap. He will accompany us until the end with Kuya Rene but only on Ayaas since he need to go to Mascap Barangay office to register us.

Mt. Ayaas (627+ MASL) – It’s a long trek from the junction going to Mt. Ayaas with river crossings. Though it’s not assault, the sun’s heat is really exhausting. Along the trail you’ll see tall grasses and bamboos. As we get nearer to the summit, the trail becomes slightly inclined. Specially when we reached the open summit which for me is like the grassland of Batolusong. I spent a little time here because we need to hurry to climb the next. It took us approximately more than 3hours to finish our trek.


By this time I already feel so exhausted. Thanks to my co-hiker who provided me a Bcomplex and Mefenamic meds which really help me in order to move forward.

Mt. Sipit Ulang (252+ MASL) – It’s another long walk from Ayaas going to Sipit Ulang. It took us more than 3hours again to reach the summit of Sipit Ulang. Similar to other Rizal Mountains you’ll see bamboos and tall grasses. I thought my last encounter with the rocks on this climb is on Pamitinan but no it’s not. The way to the summit of Sipit Ulang is rocky as well. At this point in time I feel so tired. That I don’t like to take a pictures anymore. That’s why I don’t have a solo picture. Deep inside I wanted to finish this madness right away! 😀 But the view is so mesmerizing. And it’s quite windy as well. Anyway after some short break and pictures, we immediately go down to proceed to our very last mountain.


Mt. Oro (340+ MASL) – It’s already dark when we reached the Mascap proper. Some of us left their bags and just bring enough water to continue our last mountain. I still brought my bag with me since I need more water. Since it’s dark, I can’t see clearly how the trail looks like but comparing it to the last 5 mountains, Oro is the easiest I can say. But definitely its still grasslands. When we reached the summit it’s like I won a huge amount in a lottery. The view though dark I can say its rewarding.  There’s a very nice view of the City Lights. Plus the moonlight is so bright and very relaxing. It took us more than 3 hours to head back to Mascap proper. We didn’t do a backtrail but instead walk on the roads. It’s a long cut actually but it’s much easier for us. 🙂


I’d like to thank the people who helped us achieve our goal.

To our Organizer: Mam Joanne Saldana – I may not meet you in person but thanks for allowing us to experience the Rizal Hexalogy Adventure.

To Wawa Tour Guide: Sir Arnel Zata and Sir Rene, special mention to Kuya Arnel. Thank you for encouraging us to finish this climb. I can’t wait to go back in order to beat my previous record, that’s to descend from Oro before 5PM. You made our hike extra special by your guidance on where to step on the rocks; your cool photography skills; and humor.

Mascap Tour Guide: Sir Louie – Thank you Kuya for staying with us until the end. It’s truly a great experience for me.

To my co-hikers: Juji, Alden, Mark, Mike, Carlo Thanks for a very fun hike. Hope to meet you again soon. 🙂

Finally I proved something to myself. Until now I still can’t believe I  climb 6 mountains in 1 day. It’s really a rewarding experience for me. Looking forward to be back again to Rizal.

Additional Notes:


All-in Fees – 750

UV Express Van from Cubao to Rodriguez Rizal – 100

Tricycle to Wawa – 60 / 6pax

Tricycle from Wawa – 50/pax (Negotiable, depends on the time.)

Gloves – 40


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