Note to Self

This is 2017. An ordinary day after celebration is over. Back to the usual routine. Counting time again for the next holiday season. I guess this is the cycle of life. “Work to live”.

Live in order to pay bills, eat, invest, save, travel and for the people around you.

I have experienced a lot of blessings the past year and I can’t wait to witness what’s in it for me this year. I heard this from a Priest’s homily last New Year’s Mass. This is regarding the three words: SORRY, HELP and THANKS.

SORRY – Ever heard of Hard to Say I’m sorry, yes it’s true. I guess everyone will agree. It takes so much courage to admit your fault. Specially if the reason to say sorry will damage your pride and reputation. You might delay that sorry which in turn will be the cause of misunderstanding.

HELP – Never hesitate to ask help from friends or your family specially if it causes you so much pain. Aside from your family and friends whose willing to help you, we have one God whose just a prayer away. Always listening and understanding. The help needed may not be given in a flash but his timing is always perfect.

THANKS – There are a lot of moments to be thankful for. Aside from the material things we received, we should be grateful to our parents, friends, pets, job, living condition and a lot more. Being thankful is like being contented on what we have. Aspiring for more is not a bad thing. It can become worst if we desire it out of envy using methods that are unacceptable.

Inspiring indeed how those three words can make our life better. A simple SORRY that can mend a broken relationship. When all else fails, just keep holding on and seek HELP. While a sincere THANKS can brighten up a bad day to someone. There’s a lot to be excited about this 2017. And I can’t wait to share it with you again thru this blog.

Praying for your prosperous year.

God Bless Everyone. 🙂



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