I’m so busy this week that I almost forgot to blog about what happened last weekend. As I shared previously I’m an active volunteer for Bukas Pulad thru Bukas Palad Online Community Choir (BPOCC). Last Sunday was Bukas Palad’s Christmas Concert at Church of Gesu inside Ateneo De Manila University. What made it special is that the BPOCC is a guest choir. We performed two songs, The Himig ng Hangin with Bukas Palad and Joyful our solo number. It was a nostalgic moment for us. BPOCC has been around for the 14 years supporting Bukas Palad. Not sure how the group started but one thing is for sure thru online collaboration. 🙂 Aside from supporting Bukas Palad, BPOCC is a choir on different churches like Our Lady of Pentecost and Edsa Shrine, to name a few. Anyway back to the concert, this opportunity is amazing and we felt like Bukas Palad appreciated the effort of the group. Singing with them feels like we’re One Bukas Palad. Truly, music has no boundaries. Even though we’re located on different parts of Metro Manila and just imagine how hard it is to gather everyone to practice. Still we’re able to pull off the said performance. During rehearsals I feel so intimated with Bukas Palad, but hearing their words of encouragement and congratulations helped ease the anxiousness in me. I’m still new to the choir. Who knows one day BPOCC will have their concert too. 🙂
Thank you Bukas Palad for sharing music. Looking forward to more volunteer opportunities on your next concerts. 🙂
While we’re enjoying this festive season allow us to put you into the groove and feel the spirit of Christmas with our performance below.
Happy viewing. 🙂

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