My Kind of Weekend

What a way end my first week of November. Last Saturday I attended an event spearheaded by the Jesuit Volunteers Philippines entitled, Himig Paglalakbay: Mga Awit at Kwento ng Paglilingkod Kusang-Loob featuring the Bukas Palad Music Ministry and Hangad Music Ministry. It’s like a tribute show for the JVP volunteers as they shared their experiences being part of a community supported by JVP. Most of them are Community Managers which leads the programs set forth by JVP. They stayed in the community for a year. As I heard their stories, I’m inspired and hopefully I can find my calling too.

Anyway, this event is quite special for me because this time I’m part of the Production Staff. I experienced first hand how stressful and tiring a Personal Assistant is. Running back and forth chasing the speakers who will be on stage and advising the performers of their queue. Its fun working with Ms. Tammy, Jen, Eah , Sir Janno and James who is so patient in guiding a newbie like us. At first I find it hard since I don’t have any idea what to do. Specially with my task on finding speakers I never met. Good thing the venue is small and most of the speakers are from JVP so if you ask their co-members they can be easily identified. I kept on verifying every move I make in order to prevent mistakes. Though I made a slight mistake due to miscommunication. I apologized to my friends from Bukas Palad Online Community Choir for that. 😦

The Production Staff  – Photo by Jeff

In the end, the show went on smoothly. As I heard the last song, I felt so happy and relieved that finally it’s done. 🙂 I approached Sir Janno and Ms. Tammy and Eah to thank them for today. Of course I’m so happy thru Kuya Jeff I have my first official photo with some of the Hangad and Bukas Palad Members. I still don’t have the courage to approach like their’s a huge barrier between us. But believe me they’re approachable. 🙂

Bukas Palad Music Ministry – Photo by Jeff
Hangad Music Ministry – Photo by Jeff

Then Sunday came, I woke up by a phone call by Ate Racel whom invited me again to attend The Feast. I’m an irregular attendee of The Feast both in Makati Salcedo and The Feast Quezon City. I’m quite surprised actually because I don’t easily get up by a phone call but this time I did. Probably because Ate Racel told me the night before. To cut it short, I attended the Feast. Yey! 😀

Today’s topic is a wrap up of the Blockbuster Series. Let me share with you the quotes that made an impact to me and hopefully can inspire you as well.

Talk 1: Babel has fallen – Work passionately. Wait patiently

Don’t focus on other people. Focus on yourself.

Talk 2: Battleark – God is creating a new you.

What was taken away creates space for new things to come.

Talk 3: Redpool – Keep moving forward.

God brings us to the end of our strength so that we will trust in his ability to do the impossible. – Bro. Eng Si

Talk 4: Finding Jonah – Expand your embrace

Jesus isn’t looking for you to be like other Christians, he is looking for you to be like him.

I hope to be back next week to continue my journey to be part of the Music Ministry there. I’m still in the Intercessory Phase though.

Please pray for me. 🙂


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