You Are Mine – David Haas in Manila

Not everyday you get a chance to see the composers of the songs you used to sing in Mass, today I’m fortunate enough to meet them personally by being a volunteer to an event entitled You Are Mine – David Haas in Manila. Thanks to my friends from Bukas Palad Online Community Choir (BPOCC) who invited me specially to Kuya Jeff whom I replaced as he’s unavailable. 😀 Anyway, I met David Haas who composed songs like You are mine, Now We Remain, Without Seeing You, which I’m familiar to. It is a two part event, the first part is a Liturgical Music Workshop where he shared his experiences and suggestions how to make our Liturgical Mass better thru Music. The second part is a concert with special guest of some of the renowned choirs in the country like Bukas Palad, Hangad and Ateneo Chamber Singers. Of course Fr. Manoling Francisco is present, known for Liturgical Songs we often hear in the mass. If I’m going to answer Facebook’s question: What’s on your mind? I’d say:

Tired but happy that I rendered my service to this event. I may not be able to attend most of the talks in the workshop or hear some of the songs in the concert but just seeing them perform is fulfilling for ushers like us. 🙂

I can say our choir is a fan of Bukas Palad and Hangad choirs because most of our lineups are composed by them. That’s why I’m really looking forward to seeing more of this in the future. And hopefully be one of the members of the BPOCC which I’m a little hesitant as I feel inferior to them. Anyway, before I get too emotional on that matter, I just wanted to share some pictures from the event. Hoping to inspire you to watch this kind of music in their next concerts. 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s us on our After Concert Party as we rendered a song to David Haas – I Will Sing Forever

Additional Notes:

I’d also like to share our funny encounter with New Ford Everest Car wherein we’re trying to gas up but unable to figure out how to open the fuel lid. Fifteen minutes of anxious searching Google and YouTube searching, that didn’t mention any tips how to do it but instead vented out their frustrations what we’re experiencing; pressed whatever buttons on the dashboard to a point where we pulled over just to take a moment to think about it; Gasoline Tenants is having a hard time too. 😦 We almost gave up until one of us, our witty Dental Doc Rosette realized to try switching the engine and voila it worked!

So again, sharing this for New Ford Everest Owners out there, when you gas up and unable to figure out how to open the fuel lid,

  • Unlock all the doors! Then push the fuel lid
  • Switch the engine off! Then push the fuel lid

Shoutout to Everest Peeps: Justin, Rosette, Lorraine, Kastel, Lester, Benj




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