Trained at Tibig

LOBO, Batangas – Part of our application with Green Mountain Tribe is our participation on Training Climb. Prior to our climb, we’re divided into two groups,
Group 1 – Avs*, Mabel, Martin, Julius, Joms, Kelvin
Group 2 – Donna*, Kim, Mimi, Reynald, Mafe, Lester and April
*Group Leader
These groups are for the food assignments and group activities during the actual climb. I guess GMT designed the training climb to promote team work for us Batch 12, to assess our skills and to get to know us better.
Anyways, our assembly time is at McDonald’s Taft MRT station. Our destination is Mt. Tibig in Lobo Batangas. Here’s some quick information about the mountain.
Jump-Off: Sitio Hulo, Brgy Banalo – Lobo, Batangas
Height: 563 MASL
Difficulty: 2/9 Minor Climb
Trail Class: 1-3
The travel time from Manila to Lobo, Batangas is approximately 5 hours depending on the traffic. We headed to the Police Station to register our contact information in case of emergencies and pay for the environment fee (P20). After that we immediately go to the jump off station in Brgy. Banalo, Sitio Hulo. When I’m with my friends the usual thing we do is to negotiate for the tour guides, refresh ourselves and then begin trekking. But since we’re on a training climb there’s a twist. We performed warm up exercises of 10 counts in 2 reps of push-ups, high knees, mountain climbers, squats, high jump, burpees and planking. Last part is we were asked to spell our first name using our butt, which is quite challenging for me considering I have 3 first names. 🙂 After the exercises, we have our quick lunch while CJ assigned this climb’s lead
Team Lead: Lester
Lead Team: Donna, Joms
Scribe: Kim
Tour Guide: Vic Manguera
Mid Man: Kelvin
Mid Team: Reynald, Mimi, Avs
Sweeper: Mafe
Sweep Team: Mabel, April, Martin, Julius
Tour Guide: Lito and Romnick Nicerio
GMT Members: Ceejay, Jean, Dan, Arghed, Uriel, Joko
Our trek to campsite took less than 4 hours to complete, its a non stop assault that will surely tire you as you walk your way up. Not to mention the sun’s heat which adds up to the challenge. Also we’re on a full pack since we’ll be camping at night. Luckily, the trail is mostly shaded by trees. We noticed that ants are very abundant in all parts of the trail. So we see to it to check the surroundings first before lying down. We have three compression during our our trek. Our Team Lead: Lester see to it to frequently ask the Sweep Team of their current location. There’s a rest house where we took a very long rest, we reached it around 3PM which is still very hot considering the campsite only have a few shaded part. The team decided to resume after an hour. After 30 minutes of continued walking on a gentle assault, we reached the campsite. We were welcomed by the picturesque view of the Southern Batangas beaches. Thankfully, we’re able to reach the safely with no members hurt. We just rested for a while and enjoyed the spectacular view of the campsite.
As we’re on a training climb, GMT members have prepared a fun activity for us.
Bandaging and Ropemanship relay:
The two groups will do relay by doing a duck walk to reach the dummy patient and the perform types of bandaging while biting a plastic straw with rubber band. Once done will pass the rubber band on the next team mate and then perform any type of ropemanship on a single rope.
On the spot question and answer:
Members are asked to line up, each individual will ne asked questions related to hiking, wrong answer means push up for all team members
Blindfold Tent Setup
The three members of each group will be blindfolded on which they will be instructed by the other team members not in blindfold to setup the tent.
These activities really helped in terms of getting to know our batchmates. It also served as a bonding moment for us and at the same time assessed oyr skills on what we do. Trekking is really a great hobby specially if you really prepare for it on every climb which is what being shared with us on this training climb. After the fun activities, we continued to setup our tents and the two groups prepared the dinner for the whole team.
The Group 1 Menus are:
Dinner: Pork Steak and Buttered Potato and beans with rice
Breakfast: Pancake
The Group 2 Menus are:
Dinner: Adobo with rice
Breakfast: Scrambled egg, tuyo, hotdog with rice
After enjoying ourselves with the sumptuous dinner we were asked to prepare for sheet if paper and rate our group members. Then the socials which lasted till 1am. It was a really tiring night but the stories to tell keep on going accompanied by a “refreshing drink”. 🙂 Its one of the longest I had on A campsite honestly.
We woke up the next day almost 6am, we weren’t able to see the sunrise. The whole night is peaceful, we’ve seen some rats roaming but thankfully they didn’t do any damage on the foods that are in the open tent. We prepared our breakfast for almost two hours. After breakfast, the team decided to see the summit. The way to summit is still tall grassland. But the summit itself is not high. Its a piece of rock that offers a scenic view of the mountains. We’ve experienced some rainshowers that morning but still manageable. But regrouped around 9am to do the group exercise again.
After the group exercise, we started our trek all the way down. The lead team reached the jump off in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Along the way, Lester our team lead frequently checks the location of the Sweep Team to ensure that everyone is safe and no members of the team are left out. While the sweep team reached the jump off in 1 hour and 55 minutes. We were blessed to have a very nice weather while going down and even while camping.
Overall, our climb to Mt. Tibig is a fun night. I was able to meet other members of GMT at the same time able to assess myself because I could carry a 3kg pork not to mention others stuffs on my backpack. I wonder if I can do it on a major mountain. But hopefully I can. 😃  I’m really looking forward to other activities with GMT and I’m excited on the learning as well. For now, feel free to enjoy these captured moments.

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For inquiries about Mt. Tibig you may contact:
Gabino Bomgaling
Contact Number: 09264916824/09194403941



Overnight camping- P1000
Day hike-Back trail – P500
Traverse to Ilog Banoi – P500
Dayhike to Hapunang Banoi – P1500


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