Moments With Them

Bright smiles and tight hugs welcomed us as we entered the Luwalhati ng Maynila Home for the Aged premises. Looking at our Lolos and Lolas made me feel sad and happy. Sad because I’m wondering where their families are and happy because there’s a place for them to stay. Anyway, this is my first time to visit the place, that’s why I kept on asking my friends how to start a conversation with them because I’m not good at it. The hall is jam packed. There are more than 400 people staying in the shelter. We greeted our Lolos and Lolas and asked them how they are doing. Some responses are heartbreaking but mostly positive and thankful that there are groups like us who visits them.
Our group prepared a simple program for our Lolos and Lolas. Games which brings back the youth in them. They also have a song and dance number for us which is really entertaining. 😃  When I saw them perform, I felt their loneliness. I’m hopeful that one day they’ll be reunited with their families. I know our creator will continue to bless them and give them happiness.
For those who are interested to help here’s the contact number of the shelter which I found in Google: 948 3729

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