Night in Isla Verde

So we had a quick escape from metro’s traffic last weekend when we visited Isla Verde in Batangas. Its not a fancy place but you’ll see that it has a great potential once developed. My friend Lory was able to find it in a blog so sharing it also to promote the place.

Going there is quite an adventure, we rode a bus from Buendia going to Batangas City. Our ride from Manila to Batangas is quite smooth. We just encountered traffic in Batangas proper since its their Foundation Day that time. We arrived in Batangas City Terminal at lunch so before going to the Port we decided to eat our lunch first. From the terminal we rode a jeep going to Balagtas then from Balagtas to Tabangao, the port. Well this is a budget DIY travel so expect more transfers. Anyway we met our Bankero Kuya Rick at Tabangao Port. The boat transfer is one hour. When we arrived in Tabangao, no one is moderating the place. We hop right away to the boat. I just enjoyed myself with the view of sea waters, coupled with sound of gushing waters and motor boat.

The moment we arrived in Isla Verde, I feel like we’re isolated. The island’s coastline is full of crashed corals but there are parts with sands. We met our main contact Kuya Sherwin who serves as our guide in the island. There’s no water activities available but if you’ve your goggles you can play with the fish which is abundant in the place. We settled our things and pitched our tents. There’s no fees for pitching tents by the beach. Totally free. 😀 We spent our whole night playing uno cards partnered with Emperador Lights. 🙂 Playing games and full of stories to share. The night is long we just stopped for a bit as we thought rain will pour but resumed after the clearing of the sky. There’s no stars that night but moon is shining the whole night.

The next day I decided to have a quick plunge in the beach. I didn’t stay long because I’m afraid my allergies will start popping up. The place is almost perfect if not for proper place to wash up and do our thing. 😀 Since we visited the place on a weekend, sometimes houses are empty not sure where they’re going. But the residents there are very accommodating to us. Kuya Sherwin suggested to us to wash up in an artesian well (Poso, nag google translate lang.. 😀 ) for free. As we’re preparing to go home, almost all of us experienced an upset stomach, probably due to the water we used the night before. So if you’re very sensitive with drinking water I suggest you bring a lot for your own consumption. Lastly, the place is quite littered with trashes. Most likely a trash from other nearby island which was drag ashore but Kuya Sherwin assured us that they have a monthly coastal cleanup which is a good thing.

To cap of my Batangas weekend, I ordered a bowl of hot Lomi from an eatery in the bus terminal hoping I wont feel the urge to do you know what. 😀 Overall my Isla Verde experience is really fun. If I can go back I want to be part of the coastal cleanup to preserve the beauty of Isla Verde.


Here’s the breakdown of our expenses for this trip.

DLTB Bus from Buendia – 167
Jeep from Batangas Bus Terminal to Route: Balagtas – 11
Jeep from Balagtas to Route: Tabangao 15
Alps Bus from Batangas Terminal to Cubao – 165

Boat Transfer: 5000 (Shared by group of 10)

Sunday Lunch: Lomi: 45
Saturday Lunch: Tilapia, Monggo and Rice: 55
Food: 1500 (Shared by group of 10) includes Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.
Local Contact:
Sherwin Acebeda
Smart: 09996880563
Globe: 09757374243
Here’s Kuya Sherwin Acebeda
Additional Notes:
To future travelers:

If you’re planning to visit I want to reiterate to bring your own drinking water, 4L I think will be enough but it depends your level of consumption. There’s a resort on the other side of the island called Isla Verde Resort you can try to visit that place too. Also, you might be offered a jeepney transfer for 700, don’t grab it its quite costly we spent less than 30 to get there from the Bus Terminal. You just need to take a short walk to jeepney terminal outside. Feel free to contact Kuya Sherwin Acebeda for any arrangement to the island.

To the Local Government of Tabangao:

I hope you will put an outpost on the port where you can accept tourist and pay necessary fees if there’s any.

To the Local Government of Isla Verde:

I hope you can put up stalls for souvenirs, nice rest room for campers, and more cleanup drive projects to maintain the cleanliness of the place. 😀



Kuya Sherwin Acebeda, our main contact and Kuya Rick Avila our Bankero: Thank you for helping us on our stay in Isla Verde. May God bless you and your family. ^_^
Again to my ACN Friends: Lory, Kenneth, Joem, EJ, William and Kat, Choc, Kyle and Kevs, Thank you for allowing me to join. Even if we seldom see each other I feel like I’m part of your workplace. Looking forward to more adventures with you. 😀

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