The Weekend Encounter

I feel so nostalgic right now having been able to serve for the Singles Encounter Weekend Seminar. What made it more special is that we are the Sponsoring Class. To be honest I was unprepared for the event because I wasn’t able to attend the meetings and all. But God put everything in place and obviously it was a success! I will not describe what are we doing in SE class to surprise those who’ll join Singles Encounter in the future. What I can assure you is that it will be a weekend to know yourself and understand the people around you with God at the center of everything.

Though my body is tired for a weekend full of laughter and excitement, I know the graduates of SE Batch 16 are blessed right now . Hopefully the experience was able change their outlook in life.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Class Shepherds:

Ate Au, Granny and Kuya Philip.


Thanks for the understanding. I hope we made you proud. I’m really looking forward to serve again for SE Batch 17. 😀

To my Batch mates SE15:

April, Kaye, Anna, Nikka, Bryan S., Daryll, Brian F., Agon, Mavs, Roy M., Ryan, Ren, Annie, Jenna, Bebe, Alpha, JM, James 
Feat. Camhille, Dane

It was really fun working with you during our preparation for the SE Class. Thank you for the friendship. See you around.. 😀

To the VRPG, OLAP Charismatic and BLD Community

Thank your for spearheading this event and for allowing us to witness God’s grace. Really looking forward to be working with you again in the future Singles Encounter Class.

To my readers, if you found this post interesting, you can ask the location and schedule of Praise and Worship to the contact persons listed below:

Viva Renewal Prayer Group – Kuya Philip

OLAP Charismatic Community – Ate Marlyn

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