Straightly Maculot: The Revenge Climb

Last April 2, I was able to revisit Mt. Maculot, my first ever hiking experience. At that time, we’re only able to reach The Rockies. Its really a sweet revenge for us as we successfully finished the trail with flying colors. 😀 Flying colors meaning no injuries. Just chill climb 😀 Anyway, the registration area is in Barangay Hall, if I’m not mistaken you’ll have to pay Php20-50. So if you’re planning a traverse climb you have to inform the tricycle driver about it since registration of Rockies and Traverse are different. Well the trail started with stairway going to Grotto on which there are 14 pillars that represents the station of the cross. Apparently, its being used during the Holy Week, on regular days its empty. Once you’ve reached the Grotto, it will be a few hours more before you reached the Summit.

Its almost lunch when we reached the summit. There’s a few shaded area on the summit that’s why you need to assess  the time of your ascend so that you can eat your lunch comfortably on campsite before going to Rockies. This is when we realized how high the Summit is compared to the Rockies. Yet, we feel so exhausted the last time we’re here. Thankfully, we don’t feel the same at least we knew within ourselves how much we improved. Please don’t get us wrong we just feel proud of myself. 😀

Anyway I forgot to mention there are some rope segments along the trail going to summit. Don’t worry, you can cross it safely ^_^ Just hold on tight, never look down and keep walking upward. 😀 The Summit offers a great panoramic view. Perfect gift for your effort.

I wont go into detail about the Rockies. You can check my previous blog entry just click this link. For now, sharing with you our photos during the climb. ^_^ That’s it for my “Memory Monday”. 😀

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