Let’s Rock Pamitinan

In preparation to our Major Climb this week our group decided to do our pre-climb at Mt. Pamitinan in Rodriguez Rizal. It’s my first time there at 426+MASL I can say that its quite a chill climb. Although, the rocky trail is challenging. I highly recommend to use a hand gloves for comfort while climbing your way up. We spend more than 6hrs ascending and descending. This include queuing for photo ops on Peak 1 and the Summit.  I lightly touch rocks to avoid cuts. I don’t know much about the technicalities but during our entire trek I’m struggling. Our tour guide is teaching me on which rock to step to as I’m really not good on assessing it. I wasn’t able to take a picture of the entire trail because of that. One wrong move would really result to a serious injury. So be careful. 🙂 There’s also an available food stalls along the trail where you can buy water and other stuffs so you can pack light. Its quite costly but it will surely save you from carrying so much weight on your way up.

What makes Rizal a best hiking destination is the convenience to get there. There’s plenty of van (Php50 fare) going to Rizal from Cubao Farmers Plaza. After that tricycle (Php60 fare for 4pax) going to the registration area. You have to pay (Php50) and then you’ll be assigned with a guide (Php 500 per mountain). You can also do twin hike here Mts. Binacayan and Pamitinan or Penta if you’re in the mood. 😛 As side trip you can visit Wawa Dam. Its relaxing and perfect for this summer. 😀 After hike you can have your socials on eatery just in front of the registration building. You can do your showers there and they offer videoke too (Php5/song) 😀 we spend most of hours here since our friend Robin have so many tour guide friends. They gave us free 1L RedHorse as well as Pulutan. 😀 In the end we conquered a decalogy of RedHorse towers.. 😀

On my next visit to Rodriguez, Rizal I’ll make sure to do twin hike here hopefully.. 😀

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