Dance with Zambales

Last weekend I tried the Beach Life. I’m really not into water activities because I don’t know how to swim. But its nice to visit such a place knowing we have so many beaches in the country. I spent my weekend with my choirmates. Its fun actually. 🙂

Getting there we rented a van we left at 6:30am and arrived there at past 1pm. It was really a long drive. What took us long is that its a holiday and there are a lot of tourist around we experienced traffic in Bulacan and Subic area. We stayed at La Trinidad Bay Beach Resort in  Candelaria, Zambales. Its a really nice place. They have spacious rooms.
We stayed at the center room good for 10pax. The ambiance is great and conducive to those who want to do staycation. From what I heard our room cost around P6000-8000 but its a really good place to stay the night. There’s a rotational brownouts but the electricity supply came back quick after 30mins. They have a common kitchen where you can borrow utensils. They even offered us an electric kettle for our coffees, Electric fan for the outside cottage where we ate our meals. Basically anything that is available to them you can borrow I think? 😀 You can also bring your own food as well. They have a common karaoke which we enjoyed the most. 😀 If you want to drink they have San Miguel Light and Redhorse which cost around P50-60 I think. Overall the resort is clean and well maintained. Though at times we experienced some water shortage while in shower probably because of the volume of people using it. But its bearable.

What saddened me is what is outside. We’re on the beachfront but the coastline is dirty with different kinds of litters. Plastics, cups, worse we saw is a ladies napkin. 😦 Still the water is clean not sure though. The sand color is a fine grayish black . Marine life is still present there’s this family who was able to catch a starfish I just hope they return it back to the sea 😦 In the end we spend the rest of the night singing in videoke after sunset. It has a really nice sound system.

The next day we went to Potipot Island. Its just a 15min boat ride from the island of Candelaria. The boats we used are fishing boats which is a good thing because local fisherman have other source of income. Not sure of the rates though but its most likely between P300-500 for 3-5pax. I was expecting a really nice ambiance but no. 😦 There are so many tourist. I mean literally. There are cottages on the island but mostly tourist there pitched their tent. As a result some parts are full of litters. 😥 Still Potipot Island is beautiful. There are parts that are less crowded. Those that have no shade of trees and rocky areas. You can still see traces of small fish a sign of an active marine life. Not sure of the island entrance fee probably less than P100.

Honestly I don’t want to blame the local government or resort owners because I believe they’re doing the best they can to protect their source of income. I’m more concerned of the tourist who acts as if they rented the whole place that gave them the right to litter everywhere. We’ve seen someone smoking while in the water. Like seriously what for? I just hope as we enjoy travelling we should not forget to bring some etiquette and respect to the environment. Simply leaving no trace will be a great help to preserve what we are enjoying today. We’re all tenants in this Earth. Let us take care of it for the sake of the next generation. Sorry if I ranted again. I just feel so sad seeing such a sight. 😦 I hope you wont get discouraged to visit the place. I guarantee you its beautiful. We just came at a wrong time because its peak season.


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