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I’ve spent my weekend again with the nature. Truly, the tagline #itsmorefuninthephilippines best describes our Country which is blessed with rich natural resources. Anyway, my trip for this week was an active stratovolcano in the Cabusilan Mountains. It’s the Mt. Pinatubo. Who would have thought that year 1991 there was a disruptive eruption of this volcano which is considered as the Second Largest Terrestrial eruption of the 20th Century. The result is a beautiful scenic crater with boulders of rock scattered within the vicinity. As it’s located on a tripoint provinces of Zambales, Tarlac and Pampanga, our entry point was in Capas, Tarlac. Again I joined Travel Explorer, at times like this where there’s much paper works to do, getting a tour is the best way to enjoy your trek in Mt. Pinatubo. (I’ll break down all the expenses later on this post.)

When we arrived, the air is a bit cold. And there are a lot of people registering with more vans arriving. At the registration area;  you need to group yourselves into five and fill out a form indicating your details (5 is the capacity of the 4×4 ride excluding the tour guide) then sign a waiver form. After this, you’ll be assigned with one tour guide and 4×4 ride. I’m not sure for the DIY, but in our case, Travel Explorer did the coordination. We’re just there for the experience. 😀 Anyway it was more than 2 hours of bumpy and dusty ride. Along the way, we encountered some group whom have problems with their ATVs so some of them transferred to our group. Good thing the vehicle is kinda spacious, that’s why we don’t feel that crowded. There’s also a stopover where you can have a chance to take a picture of the place.

Reaching the parking for the 4×4, you will be trekking for more than 3 hours. The terrain is literally a sandy rocky road. You may also find traces of sulfur on the running water. There’s also a part covered by plants but most of the time its open. If you arrived early. trekking will be quite easy because it’s not hot. The sunlight is gentle to the skin. During our travel, the air is still cold. It feels like you’re Baguio. If you worry about the restrooms, fear not. 😀 There are two rest rooms available, one in the crater and one is located on what they call the Rest Station. It also has a water faucet with trash bins inside. 🙂 During the trek, I enjoyed the sound of the running water. It was so relaxing to hear. Coupled with cool blow of the wind. 😀 We also see Native Aetas here with their designated post. They’re not asking for any money at all. But the children are so game it projecting in camera. Meanwhile, I saw some families who brought their children. I think they’re below 5 years old. Though our contacts from Travel Explorer informed us that the age limit is 8 years old. When you reached the Rest Station, you’re quite close to the crater but will take you almost a hour.You will be assured that you’re in the crater if you see the stairs. That means you’re almost there. You can run the stairs all the way up if you’re too excited like me. 😀

Well all your efforts will be paid off by the scenic view of the Pinatubo’s crater. Yes it is MAJESTIC. That’s how they called it. Because IT REALLY IS. 😀 I mean its picture perfect. It looks like a postcard. Its like a painting. Its a perfection actually. :O I think I was so exaggerated that time because I got pumped up when I saw the view. I wanted to take pictures at any angles. Because I don’t wanna missed any single spot. Every angle is wonderful. 😀 I did silly poses I could think of, some are adopted from my co-climbers. 😛 You can also go down at the bottom on the crater lake itself. But they don’t allow you to swim anymore. The water is peaceful. You can also eat your lunch here. We actually forgot to bring a mat to sit on. So if you’re planning to eat on the lake side better bring a mat because the sand is quite cold. 😀 Again, leave nothing but footprints. take nothing but pictures. 😀  We spent at least 45 minutes there before we decided to go up. Make sure you’re already satisfied, and have took so much picture. Para di sayang ang punta. 😀

Before heading home, we sidetrip the KCT Go Cart in Tarlac City. Because we still have energies left after almost a day of walking. 😛 It’s my first time to ride a Go Kart, though it somehow feels like a bumpcar. I love the feeling of driving. Even though I’m not a driver at all. 🙂 There’s a certain height limit where you’ll be considered as adult rate even if you’re just a child 😛 We don’t spend much time here because its quite expensive. We stayed here for almost 1 hour. We were quite delayed because we were queued since its a first come first serve basis. Overall, my Go Kart experience is fun and thrilling. I like the feel of overtaking someone 😛 Though the two kid before us are pro. I’m so not good at drifting at all, but the feels when your wheel is squeaking feels like I’m a Pro Driver. 😀

We immediate headed home right after the Go Kart, and have ate my dinner at our house. 🙂 You know budgetarian 😛 Anyway here’s the breakdown of the possible expenses.

Tour Fee: 2150

Ref Magnet: 100-200

Keychain: 60-100

CR: 10 (You can do your CR thingy on the restroom on the mountain, it’s free of charge 😀 )

Shower: 50

Halo-halo: 25

You may also contact Travel Explorer on Facebook. Send PM to:

Rhea Infante

Caesar Vidamo

As always, here are some photos during our Trip to Tarlac. ^_^

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