Yes, Pahiyas!

May is the month of festivals in the Philippines. One of which is the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon, held every May 15th. The Pahiyas Festival is a way of thanksgiving of the Farmers for their bountiful harvest as well as to honor their Patron Saint San Isidro de Labrador. This celebration showcases the creativity of the each household in decorating their houses with Kiping (shaped like cabal leaves made of rice flour) and agricultural harvest. Personally, I thought the Pahiyas Festival literally means Hiyas or Gem in English, a competition of the best decorated house or the Gem’est of them all :P. But I was wrong, 😛 it was derived from Payas, which stands for the agricultural harvest thus called Pahiyas. 🙂

Anyway my experience was amazing. It was my first time in Quezon and I admired their creativity. Most of the houses are well decorated. Even a 3-story house was fully decorated. They really make an effort. You can enter some houses as well to have a photo-op. 🙂 It was a whole day experience. I don’t mind the summer heat at all as my eyes were enjoying the view. The location of the decorated houses looks like a whole barangay, more than 400 houses participated (estimate only 😀 ). There will be incentives of course to the most beautiful house.  I also get the chance to taste their own delicacy, Longganiza Lucban, Puto Seco, Broas, Pancit Habhab.

We ended the day taking pictures at the Lucban Arc. My first “in the middle of a highway” photo. 😛


Of course I’d like to thank Ayan and the whole Kastiri Family,  for inviting us to the festival. I’m hoping to go back next year. 😀

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