From a Fan

I love listening to different kinds of music. Whether RnB, pop, ballad, classical, country, choir/church/worship songs, etc. Though I have no interest in listening to rock, punk metal song genres. Anyways, all this time I listen to the music of these young artists (as if I’m old enough 😛 ) which inspires me so much. Knowing their small beginnings and how did they strive to get where they are now. Here they are..

Photo Op

Julie Anne San Jose – she’s a talent of GMA Artists Center, TV network in the Philippines. She joined Pop Star Kids on the said TV network. Rose to fame when team up with Elmo Magalona. She used to be the member of the choir I’m into now. But she’s already inactive due to conflict of schedule. Too bad I didn’t get a chance to see her in person and even sing along with her in our church choir box. That’s all I know about her. She already has 2 albums both of which I purchased personally. 😀 I was able to meet her during her album launching. Thanks to my choirmate Rona whom she knows personally. I hope I could see her again. (wishful thinking.. 😛 )

Twitter: @MyJaps

Anyway if you have time, you can purchase her album at any record bars I suppose. here’s a sample of her albums.

Self titled Albums – Julie Ann San Jose
– Deeper

The Juans

The Juans Band – When I first heard them sing, it like we’re back in 2005 where the bands are the in thing. Hale, SpongeCola, Cueshe. All of them you’ll notice have only one vocalist but these lad all sings and plays instruments. I also heard they’re currently under Viva Records. You wont believe it, but they were accidentally discovered by an agent of Viva, when they purchased something on the Bar the group is performing. Then the rest is history. They regularly sings every Thursdays at Bear’s Grill in Timog. They sometimes perform at Kpub Grill The Fort according to their FB Page. I heard them perform live thrice. I’ll definitely purchase their album if it comes out. They also have show this coming March 28 at St. Patrick School, find time to visit as well. 🙂

Twitter: @TheJuans_BAND

I also love to listen to the songs of Christian Bautista, Ogie Alcasid, Erik Santos, South Border, Hale, Sponge Cola, UpDharmaDown, Sarah Geronimo, Regine Velasquez, Leah Salonga, Rachel Anne Go. Etc. They are the hope of the Philippines Music Industry. 😉

Whenever I hear the songs of these people, it’s like they’re urging me to pursue my long time dream, SING.. To the point that I inquired to Center for Pop Music, but a little hesitant as I don’t have enough cash to fund such training. Last time I asked they offer it around 10000 pesos for a 12 sessions. Although, the church, where I’m a part of, has given me a chance to sing during mass schedules as well as PREx Seminars. But the proper training to sing and opportunity to perform in front of a huge crowd is a different story. Maybe someday. 😀

Here’s my SoundCloud account in case you’re curious how I actually sound. Those are raw recordings. 🙂

Till the next time.. 😀


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