Travelling El Nido

Truly Philippines is a great summer destination, one of which is El Nido, Palawan with a variety of activities you can do during your stay. I’m pretty sure you’ll love El Nido. The town, though a promising Tourist Spot, still maintains its simplicity. The area’s natural resources are well preserved i just hope it will continue to be the same. Anyway here are some notes during our travel. Hope this can be of help in your travel to El Nido in the future.

Getting There:
We bought a round trip ticket from Cebu Pacific Airlines (Manila to Puerto Prinsesa). Mine was a Piso fare promo and cost only PHP2700. To reach El Nido you have option to take a bus ride or more convenient van transfer for PHP600. Its a 4-5 hour ride. Also, There’s a 100 pesos van pass fee on top of the 600 peso fare if you wish to let the van drop you to your designated hotel. Otherwise, you need a tricycle ride going to El Nido town proper. Its a local government policy for the benefit of the tricycle drivers in the area.


We’ve booked our hotel to Rainforest Hotel. Its located on the beach front. We take the family deluxe room with functioning cable TV and hot/cold water. I’ve read on some post that there’s no electricity every afternoon though it doesn’t affect us much during our stay since we’re on tour the whole day.

The hotel’s service is good. Hotel Personnel is approachable and considerate. Though we’ve had some problems when it comes to agreed communication especially the tour package and van transfer that we ended up finding other agencies.

Overall the Rainforest Hotel is a decent hotel. Will definitely comeback given the chance.

On our way home, we rent an overnight stay to Alta City Pension House. Our flight is at 10am and the Puerto Princesa airport is not 24/7. It opens at 5:30am. That’s why we ended up staying overnight at the inn.


The tours in El Nido are divided into four, Tour A, B, C and D. Each tour composed of 5 islands. Normally, they allow us to stay on each island for 30-60 minutes. The price range is between PHP1000-1500 per each tour. Though we found a Tour Agency that offer tours at great discount. We visited the islands on Tour Package A and C.

I strongly suggest if you want to enjoy all activities such as snorkeling swimming and sight seeing, you have option to stay on one island for the whole day. We did that on Helicopter Island great snorkeling area. We have one tour guide to accompany us to prepare our lunch.

Other inclusion of the package are:
Use of snorkel


There are a lot of restaurants/food stalls you can choose from. During our stay, I bought my breakfast at Silog Republic and IBR Inn if I’m not mistaken. Though Silog republic is quite cheaper. We also tried the ArtCafe restaurant which was featured on Biyahe ni Drew, Travel Show on GMA Network. The food is decent enough but quite expensive.

On our second and third day we decided to eat at grills on beach front. It will be worth a visit if you dine to Skyline restaurant. Its also cheap there. There’s also a grocery store where you can buy some water and other stuffs. It will save you a bunch of your pocket money. Socrates Store, if i remember it right, is the store name that offers affordable goods.

As for the souvenirs, better buy at Puerto Prinsesa as its far more cheaper.

My 7000 pesos budget is more than enough for a 5 day stay in Palawan. Its also worth it if you find time to walk around the neighborhood. It feels so relaxing.

For now enjoy this captured moment during our stay in El Nido.

Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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