Strangers No More

A couple of months back I met these crazy, good looking, nice people from an online game: Tantra Online,its a MMORPG. I have been playing this game for years and its just now that I was able to literally meet new friends. They are Pat and Rc, two of my guildmates. We actually have other members but because of geographical differences we cant meet right away though I’ve seen them in Skype. Seeing them in person is kinda awkward similar. Its feels like a new student in a classroom looking for new friends. We met at SM Aura. I first saw Rc and was really shocked. Wasn’t able to make a handshake since I’m not accustomed to. Rather I said “Uy ikaw pala yan” and then we wait a couple of minutes for Pat. When I saw her, she’s like typical college girls. She one of the awesome girls I met. A real gamer indeed.

We bought movie tickets first before going for a walk, trying to decide what to eat for lunch. I wasn’t prepared for this. Im still thinking how to converse. Like asking where should we eat. When we finally settled it, we ordered our lunch. And then took some photos, chat with our online friends on Facebook. Our movie schedule will be hours after we had lunch so we decided to stay at a coffee shop for a while. We still don’t talk that much honestly. What better topic than talking about games. Good thing Mac, one of our guildmates as well, was there to entertain us while waiting for the movie. After watching the movie we bid our goodbyes. We’re also to met Pat’s sister as well.

This probably the perfect example of the positive outcome of gaming. Not only that Im having fun playing but also gaining new friends. I hope I can meet the rest of the gang as well. I’m also thankful to Pat and Rc for allowing me to meet them personally and hoping this wont be the last.

PS: Better location with fun activities and planning of itineraries ang need next time to avoid deadair moments,, πŸ˜€


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