Yesterday’s whereabouts

After a very stressful week, its really a must you reward yourself. Well yesterday, we went in Ace Waterspa in Pasig. The place itself is really beautiful and relaxing. Though for those people who love taking pictures. They may not like it but cameras are not allowed inside the swimming pool area. The locker room is clean. They’ve got all the stuff you need. Soap and shampoo, plastic bags for your wet clothes, you could even rent a trunks. Just dont forget to bring your own towel of course. They’re strict when it comes to proper swimming attire. So better be prepared.

After, I’m finished preparing myself. I went out of the locker room and proceed to the pool area. Its not that huge, we’re just lucky enough that the customers is few that time. Its better to go there on a weekday if you really want to relax. The place has three portions. The typical swimming pool, the pool with a water spa equipment and the herbal pool. For a price of 550, you have 4hrs stay to enjoy all those facilities. You may say its a short stay but when you’ve tried all of it, you might end up getting bored. 😛 Better if you’ve someone to accompany you. Getting Ace privileged card is a big savings. They have stubs for buy 1 and admit 1 for free.

We didn’t spend much time on the typical pool. Rather we’ve enjoyed the area where there are some spa equipments. Waterfall, raindrop, chair type, bed type, etc. Almost all of it strikes most of you’re tired muscles. Two of my favorites there are the raindrops and one for massaging the feet. The raindrops is a type of water massage that would pour millions of raindrops at different pressures which better enjoyed when lying face down. Its really suits me. There are least 3 equipments there with foot water massage. It really feels good to my tired feet.

We’ve spent the first 1.5 hours and then we decided to go to the herbal pool area. Herbal pool comes with different scents jasmine, mint. I cant remember the other two. It has different temperatures 32, 36, 38 and 40 degrees. The 40 degrees is too hot for us so we didn’t stay much there. 😛 At the same area there is also steam and sauna room. Steam room is hotter than the sauna. Now I know what and how it feels like to be a siomai. 😀 But seriously its relaxing.

Then, right after Ace we treat ourselves with a delicious dinner at BullChef. Sounds something eh? But yes it tastes good. 🙂 And we part ways  and go home. I have a good night sleep after that. If my budget allows I would definitely go there!!! 🙂


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