Work thing

Its been a really busy week for team. The last time I felt the same feeling was when I’m cramming to meet the deadlines of a school project. Truly a hell week for us. Well as you know I’m working on a big IT company who offers services that corresponds to almost whole of the IT infrastracture. So imagine how would it look like when there’s a really critical issue. Expect a round the clock meetings to different teams while at same monitoring other issues of course. At times like this I admire all the seniors and our manager. They can do things simultaneously. Their dedication at work is really awesome. Extending the work hours. Searching for possible solutions. We never know what would be the outcome of this issue. But because we’ve the skilled seniors and manager I believetthings will come back to normal. Of course the rest of team are always there to support them all the way.

I hope everything’s gonna be alright. I know I’m still a long way ahead. But I look forward to be like them. Maybe I just need to keep focus. And continue to strive hard in learning all the technologies I need to know.

Its time to take some rest. Good night. 😉


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