Troubly Maybe

At one point in our lives, there’s still a part of us who feels uncertain. We fear for something that might’ve happen in the future. Specially when it happens when we’re least prepared for it. Among these are the troubles we faced whether at work, school, at home or even to yourself. Sometimes when we thought of it just before it happens or when we keep on depriving ourselves to it. We lose the chance of what God is trying to tell us.

Today I’ve done something uncautious. That made me feel anxious and really worried. At the end of the day you’ll realized what had happened is additional point as to what they refer as experience. You may be in trouble today, but when you encounter it again as least you know what to do. We should’nt be afraid because if we do, it’ll just ruin your day and might affect you emotionally.

We should have to enjoy this gift of life. There’s still a lot of chances for us to correct our wrongdoings.

Great triumphs are born out of great troubles.


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