Happy New Year!!!

2012 is a very good year for me. It was my year of “First Time”.  First time to join a running event, my first smartphone and even my very first certification. Indeed its really a lucky year for me. I remember one time when I was listening to Tambalan, Christsuper and Nicolehyala’s radio segment, they’ve discussed about goals and dreams. Wherein you’ll write it on a cardboard to set as your guidelines or let’s just say a Todo list.

So today, I’ll try to write down a list of what I wanted to achieve on 2013.

Let’s start on the material things I wish to acquire next year.
1. First on my list is to own a new personal laptop. I’m still having a hard time whether I’ll buy a laptop or desktop and on how I could purchase them. But yes its on my priority list because I’d like my mom to have something she could use to communicate with her friends and for her past time as well.
2. I wish to own a DSLR next year. I really wanted to have that because I want to preserve all the happy memories that I’ll experience next year. It’s a bit costly I know, but who knows I could use that to be a part time photographer too. 😛
3. Third on my list is to buy accesories for my PSP 3000. Memory card, screen protector, case and bag. Its a prize I receive on raffle that’s why I wanted to make use of it.
4. Fourth on my list is to own a TV phone. Due to my working schedule, I always missed the shows that I love to watch. That’s why owning a mobile TV could be of use to me. It will keep me updated on current events as well.
5. Next that I want to acquire is accesories for my smartphone. An external battery pack and headphones too. This is to fully utilize my phone even outdoors. 😀

The next things I’d like to acquire is for our house. It was last 2011, when we moved to our new house. We still lack a lot of things, like appliances to use. So it will be great if we can have them next year.
1. Microwave, we really need that to be able to reheat our left over food. 😛 But kidding aside, it will be used to save consumption of LPG.
2. Blender, we really love fruits especially to make shakes/coolers. That’s why it could be a useful thing for us.
3. Electric griller, you know how much we love food and how I really wanted to learn how to cook. This is another appliance for cooking.
4. It was my sister’s aim to own a Kitchen cabinet. I’ll include it on my list too. Anyway we’ll give each other’s share so as to buy it next year.
5. With all the electronic appliances, I think there’s a need for extension cords. Yes I’ll buy them when all of the appliances arrived. 😀

The following list is for myself. Be it professional growth or personal experience.
1. My priority list is to acquire another certification. I’m still assessing myself to which database technology that I’ll focus. Although if you’re going to ask me, I want to be adept on MySQL. It will be for the sake of our team. 😉
2. Next year I’ll engage myself more at work. I maybe working “play safe” sometimes, to avoid making a huge mess. But I would learn if I could do them by experience. It will be a great factor in my professional career if I know the processes technically, while I’m still waiting for the certification.
3. Next I’d love to join at HP’s events and clubs. Like the HP fun run. I will continue to join non-technical in house seminar so I could learn more. Like financial planning, estates and stuffs which I joined last month.
4. I hope next year I could travel somewhere. I just need to prepare for it. It may take time as I need to budget my profit for daily expenses and for savings as well.
5. Last but not the least, I hope next year my savings multiply! I really wanted to save money but because of the daily expenses, its hard to save. 😦

So there you go, those are the things that I’d like to have this coming 2013. Hopefully I can fulfill them one by one. I also hope that I could spend more time with all the people so close to my heart. This is to keep the connection even closer. May we all have a prosperous year 2013. God bless and stay safe. 😀


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