A Birthday’s Note.

2012 for me is one of the best years of my life. It’s the year where I celebrate my first anniversary… at work of course. 😛 It’s also the year for me to start saving. Though, to be honest I’m still a looooooooong way ahead. If only I could be lucky enough to win lottery. 😛 It’s also the time for me to familiarize myself to the kind work that I’m doing. I’m still a newbie at heart but I’m trying to go one bar higher. It’s for my own growth. I know. 🙂  It’s also the time I realized that I need to start investing. So far, I don’t have investment at all. 😛 So I will include it in my To-do list next year.

It’s also my first time this year to travel with friends (Thesis/College Group mates). We went to a resort in Batangas.  Aside also from the series of movie-outs we have with my College Close Friends both on IT and Gen Ed Course also my high school classmates. I was also able to complete Visita Iglesia this year and was able to attend the Misa De Gallo. It’s also my first time to join official running event at HP Fun Run. Of course with my running/badminton/”co-fresh grad” and work buddy Kat. 🙂 I’ve also tried bowling this year, and it was really fun. 😀

At work, I’ve received my very First Certification this year also. I’m now ITIL V3 Certified. And recent FPR result is very promising, which keeps me motivated to work even harder than before. I’ve also won twice in raffle this year. One is on SWS Christmas Party where I received PSP-3000. And the other one is on our Team Christmas Get Together where I received Ham.

Not all that, I’ve been blessed to have a very nice people around me whether at work or at home. And a great set of friends too. That’s why I’m really thankful for all the things that happened to me this year whether good or bad, disappointment or success. They helped me accept life and just live, learn and laugh at it. Today, I look forward for a great, healthy and prosperous year ahead for me and my family. I’ll continue what I’m doing as long as I don’t hurt someone. I’ll try my best to help my family (Mama and Papa, Sisters), my uncle Roly, and all the important people around me. Btw, I missed our family hang-outs where we party and get drunk like there’s no tomorrow (calling the attention of Roshelle, Cath, Evan, Kat, Paul, Jan-jan and the rest of the gang) 😛

We may have differences but I know time heals every thing. We should try to understand each other’s situation before judging. Because that’s what family is. And we’re family. I hope all of us will have a prosperous year. I still believe that there will come a time that we’ll get a chance to live a luxurious life. 🙂 Let’s continue working hard. And pray. 😀

I would like to say thanks to all of you guys for greeting me today whatver medium you used and for taking time reading this. It matters to me. Of course thanks to Facebook for reminding those people I know to greet me today. 😛 And who haven’t I’m just a facebook away.. 😛 Just FYI, it’s my second birthday celebration at HP. And I’m still on-shift. I hope we’ll have a very quiet shift. 😛 I know there’s still a lot of opportunities and experiences out there waiting for me. I will continue to try things and get outside of my comfort zone. And learn from each of them. I just hope you stay with me today and forever! 😛 Thanks a bunch. 😀

Cheers. God bless you all. And Have a happy Christmas. 🙂

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