What’s the plan

Yesterday I attended a talk which discussed about estates. It really bothers me. Of course I really have a lot of dreams and all ot them leads to me being rich. Since I started attending activities organized by the Wellness I realized what I am right now isn’t enough. I really need to do something as early as now. Not only to protect myself but also to secure my family’s future.

It makes me wonder what should I do. How am I able to find a way to earn extra income. And where to invest every hard work money. One of the options I’m eyeing on is to get a life insurance. Hopefully I will be able to find a good company which I can fully entrust the fruit of my hardwork. Also as what my other colleagues and friends advised was on stocks, but I think this kind of investment needs skills and right timing. One must know the market, so that he could gain something for which ever stocks he bought. Another option would be time deposit, but I think you must be financially prepared, because you won’t be able to use your money in a certain period, but it increases as time goes by.

Those are some means to invest, hopefully before the end of the year I have decided so I can start investing. Who knows maybe first month next year. 😛 But to be able to achieve it, I have to save a lot. I need to discipline myself. And at the same time pray that my family is safe and healthy. Primary reason we’re doing this is for our family of course. 😉


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