Have you get into a situation wherein you’ve done something, and you wanted to undo it? If you’ll going to asked me, I always do. I don’t know, its like one of my negative traits. I’m really not good in making decisions. 😦

It always adds up to the stress I’m feeling. Sometimes, I couldn’t sleep, because my mind is busy thinking of the things that could happen after I’ve done something. Whether I’m a 100% sure or not. I hope, I could lessen those moments in my life, specially at work. Imagine how our life would be if we can turn back time. But its really a relief that we can’t undo and redo in real life. Because its one of the ways were we learn.

I have to put a lot of effort in order to keep me away from experiencing it. If at work, I think I have to study harder and understand every thing that I do. This will add up to my expertise if I truly understand what I’m doing. If for personal reasons, I believe its better if I’ll be more cautious of my actions. This is to avoid this feeling of uncertainty.


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