Get it right

I’ve been watching Glee series this past few months, and that show really moved me. If I was not into IT I might probably one of the amateur singers out there. But I just realized something after this conversation with the taxi driver on my way home last night. We talked about pursuing the careers we chose.

He says that we need to put a lot of effort in it by finding the right place were we could master our craft. We don’t need to target high salaries in an instant, if its not available. Its worth the price if we know for ourselves that we climb up to the ladder from buttom to top.

Like in Glee, no matter how many hardships they’ve been through, because of their love for music, they continue to strive hard and pushed themselves to the limit. Along the way, you’ll get a chance to meet your friends.

I remembered a song from the series entitled Get it right. Its a song that will remind us to be patient. Though at times we might think that life is unfair but still believe in proper timing. A time that will allow them to make things right.

If you have time you may search for it on YouTube. Later on I will put a link somewhere on this post. But this is it for now. May we all have a great week. Till the next time.



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