The Other Side

Ancient AliensI’ve been watching one of the most disturbing documentary I’ve seen. Its called Ancient Aliens aired on History Channel. Thanks to this YouTube channel I was able to watch its episodes. Anyways this documentary is all about extra terrestrial beings. If they exists or not. They regard themselves as the Ancient Astronaut Theorist. One of the notions they presented, is how did the ancient civilization built what was considered in our modern world as ancient wonders. The Pyramids of Egypt and the Mayans. The Great Wall of China. The Stonehenge in England and other sites where ancient civilizations emerged. With the complexity of those ancient ruins, as well as it’s vast size one can agree that it isn’t done using simple tools. Which is why they’re curious if there where other people who helped them do the job or possibly instructed them? The ancient astronaut theorist curiosity is really remarkable. It makes you wonder whether we humans are indeed the center of the universe. Another angle they’re looking at is like a common denominator of beliefs among all the civilizations that flourishes. This is the presence of the sky people or those who came down from heaven. It was written on ancient texts the presense of these sky people which they believe as extraterrestrial. Those are some that I remembered on the show. I really don’t know what to feel, the first time I watched that documentary. Why all of a sudden they look at the world like that? Anyways I think it’s innate for us humans to explore more. We are like a machine with no purpose. And that purpose is the one that the ancient astronaut theorist were looking at. Searching for possible answers by looking at our past. Maybe we’re afraid that our ancestors we’re technologically advanced than us. And that they wanted to find out how did they do that. They seem to have a very clear understanding about the stars around them during their time. And that really fascinates the ancient astronaut theorist. I even asked myself, “Could it be possible that earth is like a giant aquarium and we are those sky people’s pet or worse products of their science?” 😐 If so what will happen to us if we’ve found that out? (just an imagination, please dont take this quote seriously. :-P) I don’t know how they maybe able to figure out the answer to their question. As long as they mean no harm to others its fine. We all have the capabilities whether to believe their notion or not. I hope that we still live the world like today even when they’ve already found the answers to their questions. We are a great creature. Love and respect to others as well as contentment are I believe the keys to peaceful living. If you are interested. You can click this link: YouTube. Have a great day. 🙂


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