Diabolic Sin

I like how the priest explains today’s gospel.  He says all of us are/will always feel envious to others at one point in our life. Which I found true and kind of guilty about it. 😐 As I myself sometimes compare myself with others and even asked myself why I don’t have those kinds of stuffs they have. He also said that we all have talents which for us needed to develop in order to satisfy ourselves. Instead of comparing and complaining, why don’t we try to look at ourselves and see what are the things we have. What do we need to do for us to grow. He referred this kind of man’s feeling as a diabolic sin – a sin which could yield to another sin.

While listening to his homily I realized, sometimes we need to concede to let others move forward. We should always humble ourselves, and be contended of what we have. I will always remember this every time I’ll feel insecure about myself or feel envious to someone. How I wish we could lessen the times of counting what we have instead we should be thankful to all the blessings we have.

Have a good night everyone. 🙂


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