Way back home

Every time i ride a cab, i really make sure that i’ll start a conversation with the driver. Aside from assessing his behavior, its also one way of killing the boredom for a really long drive. It was a hassle free trip. No traffic along C5 road. I feel safe when the driver was a retired police or army. Luckily, mine was an ex-army aged 49.

He really responded well to every questions i asked. We talked about lots of things, their condition during the monsoon rains. Politics, army and even the issue on the spratly island.

Its really an added peace of mind to the customer if they are makwento. Though, we’re strangers he managed share something to me as well. He didn’t even open up asking for an extra tip. He’s just there asking for my way home and answering the questions i asked. That made me think that i was so blessed to be his passenger.

When we reached our destination, i gave him an excess aside from my actual bill. I hope for his success and safety. How i wish all of the drivers are like him. 😛


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