Growing Old

A couple of weeks ago I just have my haircut. While I was there, a junior hairstylist asked what my age is and I told him I was this (better to keep it a secret 😛 ). And then he told me I was young but then I really have a high hairline? In other words thinning hair. Before I didn’t bother but when I take a closer look at the mirror, jeez I’m afraid before I’ll reached the age of 30 I may be a bald man. 😐 And then he introduced me this treatment that can prevent the continued thinning hair. I don’t know if its effective but I’m hoping it really is. Maybe it just needs time to regrow my hair. I hope not everyone here experienced the same problem. This might be caused by stress because lately I really am under stress. 😛

Maybe we just need to free our mind to worries. Instead of making fantasies that could make you uncomfortable why not do what you just have to do and the rest will follow. I think this was really out of the topic of hair loss. 😀 Anyways here’s a picture of what I’m applying on my head. Hope this will help in reducing the possibility of being a bald man. 😛

Have a great day. till the next pose. 😉


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