Forever Young

I was buying a cigarette for my Uncle on 7/11 when the cashier asked me what’s my age. She even asked for my ID for verification. I said to myself.. WOW. 😀 Do I really look so young? or do I just talk like a teen when I’m asking for something? I don’t know but seriously I find that a compliment to me.  However looking back then before I started working, I really look like a teen but now? I don’t think so. I looked like stressed? Maybe because of doing a 12hr shift and wasn’t able to complete 8hr of sleep. Meaning to say I’m contradicting that I look so young. 😛 On the other hand, what I’m really thinking is that, I’m afraid that I don’t be treated so seriously if I look like a child. Just a thought. But who in the world don’t like to be forever young?


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