Every Step

This week, we look back at those time when Jesus died. Each one of us has our own way of doing sacrifices in lieu to this. As for my case I went out with my College friends to do Visita Iglesia. We visited 14 churches in Manila as we go along the 14 Station of the cross that depicts the sufferings of Jesus. While walking, I really wonder how Jesus’ endured all those pain. He was tortured while being mocked. They let him carry his cross and then later on crucified. He wasn’t complaining at all. He always knew that from the start but he never used that opportunity to save himself. Instead he thought of us. He loved us as much as himself. He offered his life just to save us from our sins. And yet we still complain for every problems that we’re facing. Before, I always asked “Why I don’t have this?” I was also envy to those people who’s above me, Who do better than me. I sometimes hate and thought of something bad to others. But Jesus never did those. As we continue walking from one church to another I started to feel tired. We find our way to rest. Thanks to my jolly friends whom telling stories in a funny way. I almost forgot how tired I was. Just like Simon who helped Jesus carry his cross. Let’s value those people around for without them, we could’t be what we are now.

If you’re going to ask me how did Jesus saved us, I’m not sure also of what to answer. But I guess there is one good reason, because he saved us from our sins. Its an eyeopener to us. The son of God was there. Lived as a human. And yet we killed him. There’s no point I guess of blaming. What we should do I guess is to reflect. Try to think of what has happened to you the past year. Ask for forgiveness to those people who’s upset to you. Love those people around you just like how you loved yourself. Most importantly try to avoid wrongdoings. And always trust God in everything.

When we reached back our start point. I thank God for everything that has happening to me right now. For all the blessing that he has given me. I asked him to guide me in every step that I will take. Lets use this opportunity to think. Let this season be filled of happiness and love for we’re saved. Thank God for everything. Stop complaining. God bless us.

The Churches/Places we visited:

St. Joseph De Gagalangin

Immaculate Conception

Espiritu Santo

UST (Stop Over)

Loreto Parish

St. Francis of Asissi

Sta. Rita

San Sebastian

San Agustin

St. Jude

Holy Face of Jesus


Sta. Cruz



I took some photos of the churches we visited. (Secretly :D)

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