Just a thought

I’ve heard again a very sad story, a story of how Jesus suffered and died. 😦 As I listen to the priest read the gospel. I can’t help but wonder. I wonder why people that time didn’t realize that He is the Son of God. Yes, it’s already written, the scholars and leaders of the church that time know it.  Maybe because they fear that they’ll lose all their wealth and power if people will believe Jesus. Perfect example is Poncius Pilate. If he’ll encourage people that Jesus do nothing bad. I guess he can save Him.

Maybe what was written is already planned. But I still believe that we still have a choice. This is a reminder for everyone. Let us use this week to reflect on what has happened to us the past year. Let us continue believing and at the same time doing what is right. Let us avoid conflict as much as possible. Try to forgive. Most importantly love people around you especially those who are close to you. Treasure them. Let us celebrate this Lenten Season and bring back our trust to Lord. God bless us all. 🙂


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