Spit it out

The moment you realize it you can’t have. I’ve always doing that ever since. Those situations wherein I’m afraid of stressing out what I’m thinking or simply doing some actions into it. Then at the end of the day, I’m thinking I should’ve done this and that. I don’t know. I am fully aware of this characteristic of me but still I can’t fight it. I really envy those people who really have this guts to say what they wanted to say. To all the readers of this blog, I advice you to believe on your capabilities. Trust your instincts. Or simply follow your heart in every thing you. Don’t be like me. Always regretting. Hopefully I can surpass this weakness of me. And one day I’ll be able to spit out my ideas in order to help me in my career growth. 😀 So help me God. Have a good night sleep everyone. 🙂


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