The Leap Day

This day is quite different as 29th day of February will occur again after 4 years. Some say this day as a lucky one like what I’ve watched on the news last night. Leap is perfect for wedding. Some say this day is perfect for business and other stuffs. Of course this day will be the most important specially those of who’s birthday is on 29th day. This will server as their time to reflect as what have happened after the past four years of their. Anyways as for my case there nothing special I did this Leap day. As always I stayed at home every time I take a day off. Have snacks this afternoon with my mother. Do some dish washing which isn’t fun. πŸ˜€ And whole day of stay in front of my computer reading emails (but I’m not workaholic just checking emails :P). Of course our weekly operations meeting every Wednesdays.

But to think of it, in 3 months time I will be celebrating my 1st year on my current work. Am I able to meet the demands that the company is asking for me? Am I able to do all the duties that was assigned to me? I don’t want to leap into conclusions yet. But I’m still quite incapable as of this moment. Anyhow, all I need is to do good just follow what is needed to be done. Enough of this random leap stuff. πŸ˜€

Speaker of my first year, its fun looking back the time that I started working. I remember that time, I’m clueless of what am I supposed to do. I was just equipped with the values I learned in my school days. But thanks to this unique culture with my company, I was able to cope up to the working environment even if it was my first time. I’m looking forward in growing with the same company in the future and be part of the milestone awardee. Hopefully I’m on a better position by that time πŸ˜›

Enjoy the remaining hour of the leap day. Find a good sleep. Good night.. πŸ™‚


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