Day Off Out

Its been awhile since we last have our movie together. My sisters and I have been busy these days that we rarely have this chance of watching movies together. Indeed it was a good movie by Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. Anyways, we have our picture taken also on a photo booth, though not turned out so well. 🙂 Over all it was a fun experience for us.

After a long time, I finally got my first Havaianas slipper, yes this was the most expensive slipper I bought. 😛 I will surely use it for show off hahahaha I mean wisely, avoiding rains/floods. Aside from that I got my first Timezone Powercard, looks  so cool when I was using that. Looking forward for more plays at Timezone.  🙂










My form of writing today is a bit unorganized. Just take it as if I jot down the events that happened to me today. 🙂 Till the next post.. 🙂


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