Things to be happy about

This day was a good day for me. I was able to visit my previous school. And be given a chance to be a panelist on SAD. For those IT folks you probably know how complex that subject is, and I can’t imagine myself sitting in front of the students discussing their project. It made me feel happy because last year I was also there. Faced all the hardships a particular university scholar could experience. And I think that is something to be happy about. To have yourself exposed on those things and after a year you’ll come back and now your the once who can see what they are doing. Aside from being friends with your previous professors.

I realized there’s no point of cursing your professor if he/she is so demanding, because in the end when your out in the industry you have no choice but to follow all the demands of your bosses. Anyways enough of that realizations. Today I have also received a present from my favorite professor/friend/tatay 🙂 a starbucks planner. Well I’m looking forward to fill this planner all the remarkable moments and to prepare schedules. May we all have a wonderful Sunday guys.. God bless 🙂




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