A good start

Finally I’ve got a chance to buy a new planner. Actually the planner I bought would be a dummy planner. Still waiting for a better planner (Starbucks Planner) courtesy of my favorite prof in college. Seriously I’m not this type of person who loves to write. I’d rather just type in the thoughts (like what I’m doing right now) . Well this could be a good start to plan the things out, or should I say to set the goals that I’ll take. I’d like to start this habit of planning things so as not to waste time. Its better while your still young you have a bigger picture of what you want for yourself. So that you will have a road path ahead to avoid getting lost.

I also bought a book entitled Dare to Succeed, I haven’t done reading it yet but this book is like a guide for your success. I have a few quotations from the book that is really worth remembering. If you’re a type of person complaining of the things you don’t have, or the failures you have made, why don’t you accept the things you have and the mistakes you’ve committed . And start again, keeping in mind that you’ll do better this time. Just like a quote from this book that I read, Yesterday’s gone, tomorrow may never come. Still you have today. Make it count. Lets all make this happen, reach for your dreams. Jump out of your comfort zone and set the goals of course. Most importantly, seeks God’s aid. You Pray!..  🙂


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